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  1. I am trying to solve an issue with a parameter with an ampersand in the value being passed to a url. I did some research on this forum and found an answer that gets me closer, but still doesn't quite work. <a id="link-[@cbRecordIndex]" target="_blank"> Worksheet </a> <script> var protocol = 'http://'; var base_url = 'xxxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/d86e500027f87dfc582049xxxxxx'; var param = 'Opportunity_Name'; var qStringVal = `[@field:Opportunity_Name]`; document.querySelector('#link-[@cbRecordIndex]').href = `${protocol + base_url}/?${param}=${encodeURIComponent(qStringVal)}`; </script> The parameter [@field:Opportunity_Name] is "Munis & EnerGov". The resulting url from the code above is :https://xxxxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/d86e500027f87dfc582049xxxxxx/?Opportunity_Name=Munis%20%26amp%3B%20Energov" and the parameter that is received to the other datapage is "Munis &amp; EnerGov". So, the & is coming in, which is great, but how do I get rid of the "amp;"?
  2. Is this possible in Grid Edit and Inline Edit?
  3. I forgot about the Rules -Thank you!!! That works great for forms, calendar details and bulk edit, but doesn't seem to do it for inline or grid edit. Any options for those?
  4. I want to make the "Project Phase" (cascading dropdown) field require a value if the "Client" field (from which it cascades) is not blank. How can I accomplish this? We have the fields in a lot of data pages, so the logic will need to work in forms, calendar details and reports w bulk edit, grid edit, inline edit.
  5. Can I run the trigger only when that button is clicked? I still need the normal Update button to just update the record, then I have another one that should update the record and copy it to the new one, and yet another that copies it to a different resource (transposes a few of the fields from the original record on the new one) and should update the current record first. It's not every time a record is updated that these things happen.
  6. I have a custom button in calendar details that copies the current record to a new record entry form and passes all the parameters so it's essentially copying the original appointment. The user can then make changes to the new appointment and submit it. Right now, if a user makes any changes to the existing appointment, they have to click Submit (we renamed it to Save Changes) and then go back into that detail record and click the custom Copy to New Appointment button. I need them to be able to click just one button "Save Changes and Copy to New Appointment". Here's what I have now for the custom button (modified the url, as it's internal only): <input onclick="location.href='https://theurl.caspio.com/dp/001112200112?Impl_org_Users_EmployeeNumber=[@field:impl_Calendar_EmployeeNumber]&amp;Impl_Calendar_CRM_ID=[@field:impl_Calendar_CRM_ID]&amp;impl_Calendar_DayTypeID=[@field:impl_Calendar_DayTypeID]&amp;impl_Calendar_Location=[@field:impl_Calendar_Location]&amp;impl_Calendar_Topics=[@field:impl_Calendar_Topics]';" type="button" value="Copy Appointment" />
  7. Thanks everyone! We really didn't want to set a unique field of any sort because of the ability to get around that, and we really don't want a hard stop for any reason. So, instead of a pop up message, we created a table that checks for duplicates and the records are populated from a triggered action on our calendar table using an inner join on the two tables. When that condition exists, a record is added to the dupes table and our managers can run a report to see if there are any potential duplicates. Then, they check off that they've verified the record and that record is deleted. Not perfect, but definitely does the trick.
  8. Thanks Carlson! That sounds like it will provide a hard stop rather than a just a warning message still allowing the user to continue. Right?
  9. Is there a way to warn a user if a record already exists for the username and date when adding or updating a record in a form or report data sheet? We don't require unique records, but would like to see a warning showing that there could potentially be a double booking.
  10. I would like to have Caspio alert a user if they are about to enter a duplicate appointment on a particular day for a particular resource. Basically, any time a record is added or updated from a data page (form, calendar details, report listing). If a row exists in the table for this [@Resource] and [@Date] (and it is not the current row in the case of a record being updated), then give me a message telling me that there may be a duplicate and I should go look. If not, then no message is needed. The table does allow duplicates, but we want to give the users a warning when one is potentially created. Is this possible?
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