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  1. We import data into tables weekly. Sometimes there are errors (typically a duplicate that was previously imported). When importing, if a duplicate is found, we receive confirmation of the failed records in the import details. However, is it possible to receive specific details on failed imports? Currently we are to cross referencing what successfully imported versus what we tried to import to know which records failed. Seems there has to be a better way. Thanks.
  2. Where can you download the user logs?
  3. HI. Does anyone know if you can use insert or update triggered actions on import? I have a data table I import data weekly in batches. This table has triggered actions on insert. The actions works if individual records are inserted through a submission form, but we typically do not insert table this way into this particular table. It is so much easier to batch import, but then I need certain information to be shared with another table, which I have set up with a triggered action. Thanks for the help!
  4. I too would love more information about option 2. How can you use bulk edit to trigger emails with Javascript?
  5. This is exactly what I need! I followed the instructions here, but none of my virtual fields I created in the single-record update is being passed. It seems to be working fine, but when I look at my Table 2 for the auto-submitted submission form, there is no data being logged from the virtual fields. Does anyone know what I may be missing? Thanks!
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