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  1. Actually, thinking more about it, writing it from the view would be better as it would preserve the details lost in the rollup summary report result set.
  2. Ok, here's more information on the scenario; School Counselors from schools across a county maintain demographic records (no personal info) of students at hunger risk. We deliver weekend food packs to the schools on Fridays to ensure these kids have food over the weekend (school meals often their only sure meal). The list changes unpredictably as students dome and go from schools or in and out of the program (parental permission required). The schools are in a county, the county is in a region. On Friday morning a Datapage tabular grouping report is run to show several bits
  3. How can I write (insert) the rows in a DataPage report result set into a table? Table of details, with multi-level rollup, is updated by many users with login RLS. Results change often and unpredictably. Have a view that presents the correct data from several tables for a rollup report that counts instances of an item by a grouping factor, rolled up through the levels. A snapshot of the rollup report at the end of a week is used to guide deliveries based on the counts as of that time. Need to be able to write that snapshot (the rollup DataPage tabular report result set) int
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