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  1. Hi Guys, I have one date field which is a display field called "result date". And there is a date field called "Date of Joining". I want to restrict "Date of joining" basis of "Result date". I dont want my user to choose "Date of Joining" which is earlier than "Result Date". Any one knows the solution? thanks in advance.
  2. How to block user to choose Past or Future date in submission form? Like i have a "Date0" field in a submission form. I want to block user to choose future date from calendar pop-up. Also does if user choose hour from dropdown element new date will automatically take. Can anyone help me?
  3. I was trying to do the same with my table. Where i wanted to count Number of candidate_Placement_Status. But its giving invalid formula.
  4. Hi Guys, How to block user to choose past date from calendar in a form? User should not allow to choose a past date from calendar in "Date0" field. I am unable to do so.
  5. is it possible to count in table? Like in a table which contain students info. I want a table which will contain count of how many are from grade 1? how many have books? How many have Bag? like wise... or is it possible with report?
  6. Hi @DefinitelyNot31337 & @IMDora, Thanks for the help. I already made a java script for that after 5/6 hrs research because i am poor with java script. I was not able to do it by rule cause i have already implemented rule on those fields. Uploading it.
  7. Hi @IMDora, Thanks for the help i already made a java script for conditional time stamp. I have little knowledge about java script. So now i have no idea of including this new script in my existing script. Can you help me out?
  8. I already made some rules based on these fields. So its not allowing to make rule with these fields.
  9. BaySunshie, Thanks for the help. now issue solved.
  10. What if i wanted to put timestamp and text in two different filed? Like if user uploaded a file in "Field_ID_1" and automatically timestamp will be inputed in "Date_Input_ID_1" and automatically a text "New" will be inputted in a field "Remarks_ID_1". what will be the script in there to use?
  11. In a update form, can i block user update certain field based of other values.like if there is "Document" and "Documents remarks", where user will upload file in "Document" and will put remarks in "Documents remarks" (Approved/ Rejected/ On Hold).I want to disable the editing option of "Document" on the basis of"Document remarks" . If "Document remarks" is approved then user cant update the "Document" Filed .In form i already made rules on "Document remarks" on basis of different value. It is not giving access to create a new rule. Is it possible or any way arround?
  12. Hi Douvega, What is Batch_Rel_ID? can i contact with you via mail? My mail ID is tanmoy.m@jobsacademy.co.in.
  13. Hi, Yes. I am still unclear. My table name is Student_Master. Please provide some simple SQL query. It will help me. Thanks & Regards.
  14. Hi, I wanted to change that too. Date in table is coming like 04/08/18. Its making confusion. I want in 04 - Aug - 18 format. If its not possible in caspio table then caspio team should think about that.
  15. Hi, i have a table. Which is contain 10 training centres. In each training centre there are 7/8 courses. Each course have 4/5 batches. Each batch contain 30 student. There are training_status column in the table where students have different values like pass, fail, not appeared and ongoing. I want to count how many pass, fail, not appeared and ongoing in each batch. It is coming in good way in pivot (since i dont know better reporting format for same) Now i want to add more field in row. Like after getting pass in training candidate got jobs/ placement. And after placement they used to submit proof of placement (Offer letter or Joining letter). They have submitted the proof of working (Payslips and bank statement) for continuous three months . Now i want to count how many candidates got placement out of pass, how many offer letter submitted. How many payslips for first month, second month and third month for batch-wise in a single report which is very easy in excel. But very difficult in caspio. I have shared the screenshot.
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