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  1. Hello @gayatrisc, Caspio is a low code platform for creating an online database applications without coding. More details can be found here: https://www.caspio.com/ Also, you can create a free trial account to try out Caspio for free here: https://pages.caspio.com/free-trial?_ga=2.37465702.754500314.1595207915-2030079613.1594800298&_gac=1.121908985.1595038996.CjwKCAjwmMX4BRAAEiwA-zM4Jh0IVp0fna2CrXWXlRJfuRPjcYGvmgwav6Ku1KJLW9PnS7UtgOGH2xoCDgsQAvD_BwE
  2. Hi @Drtimjohn, There are 5 deployable DataPages and 500 MB of storage available for a Free account. More details about Free plan and its resources can be found here: https://www.caspio.com/pricing/
  3. Hi @maramedinan, To receive the value in the field:HRSITI, you should make it Calculated value form element and add the following formula there: CASE WHEN [@field:HRCOMF] = 70 THEN 7 ELSE (SELECT CLCIVA FROM CLIENTES WHERE CLCODI=[@field:HRCLIE]) END
  4. Hi @JayDub, If you want to select data from a View, you should add prefix _v_ to the View name. More details can be found here: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/calculations-in-forms-and-reports/ You can join as many tables in the Select statement in the Calculated field as needed. The syntax is the same as in the SQL. However, it will be easier to refer to the View.
  5. Hi @peewee, Yes, you are correct. List data type is not available in the Tasks and Triggered actions. You may suggest your desired features in theideabox http://ideabox.caspio.com to communicate with the product team and for others to vote.
  6. Not a problem at all, @tbarjonas. I was glad to help you.
  7. Hi @tbarjonas, Thank you for the screenshot. I can see that you are trying to add the field paramater to the Search for. It is not available there. You can add a datasource parameters to the Results page (you should follow the "Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields" wizard screen).
  8. Hi @tbarjonas, What datapage type do you use? Could you provide the screenshot of the page with the fields from the dropdown after clicking on the parameter picker?
  9. Hi @lousaint, You will need to think about the architecture of your application and based on that you can come up with the number of the datapages needed.
  10. Hi @relindwto6, Caspio is a low-code platform, so you can use it without coding or with a few custom coding if you need additional functionality. I suggest that you create a free trial account here: https://pages.caspio.com/free-trial/ and try out the Caspio features. Also, you can have a call with a Solution Consultant who will demo Caspio for you and answer the related questions
  11. Hello @leina, External fonts should be used in the Header of the datapage. According to the specification, fonts should have one of the following formats: Format MIME type TrueType font/ttf OpenType font/otf Web Open Font Format font/woff Web Open Font Format 2 font/woff2 More details can be found here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/@font-face So, firstly, you should download need font and add the correct link to the href attribute:
  12. Alison

    Online Store

    Hi @Katey, If you have an account with Caspio, you may request the following application and use it as is: https://www.caspio.com/apps/online-store/
  13. Hi @CameronB, There are some errors in the formula: 1) Fields from the table in the Select statement should be without any brackets, for example, WHERE TUMF_ID=[@field.ProjectID] 2) To refer the fields from the report datapage you should use "target." before the field parameter, for example, WHERE TUMF_ID=target.[@field.ProjectID] 3) The result of the When and Else statements in the Calculated field should be the same data type, for example, if ConAmount, ROWAmount, ... fields have integer data type, then in the Else statement you should use integer values
  14. Hi @Vitalikssssss, You may use the following code to prevent submittion if non of the checkboxes were not checked: <script> document.addEventListener("BeforeFormSubmit", myFunction); function myFunction() { let FirstField = document.getElementById("InsertRecordnnn").checked; let SecondField = document.getElementById("InsertRecordname").checked; let ThirdField = document.getElementById("InsertRecordTF").checked; let FourthField = document.getElementById("InsertRecordnumber").checked; if (!FirstField && !SecondField && !ThirdField && !FourthField) { event.preventDefault(); //for hiding the button container: //document.getElementsByClassName("cbSubmitButtonContainer")[0].style.display="none"; } }; </script> The code should be added into the datapages' footer. Also you should rename the fields in the code to the ones you have on your form. Please see the screenshot for better understanding:
  15. Hi, Hi can I change the color of the column in chart for the blank values. For example, I want the color of the first column (blank) to be color red
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