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  1. Hi @Elderberg, It's true that this solution is experimental. Creating JS customizations for this feature (Inline Edit) is tricky, especially on Cascading Dropdowns. I see a lot of requests regarding that lately. I'm trying to work on it but it's harder than it looks. Anyway, for Dropdown form elements (NOTE: NOT working on Cascading Dropdowns!), I see that it's not working, but simply wrapping the script on a DataPageReady listener does the trick. Here's the code for 'ya. <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function() { // Replace [@authfield:name] accordingly with the parameter or custom value you wish. var paramValue = '[@authfield:name]'; // Replace with the name of your field as described in your DataSource var field_name = 'TableFieldName'; /* Edits are not necessary for this part */ var i_field = document.querySelector('form[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InlineAdd' + field_name); i_field.value = paramValue; /* To this part*/ //i_field.type = 'hidden'; // If you wish to hide the field as well, just remove the two forward slashes before i_field.type i_field.readOnly = true; }); </script>
  2. h3110, With the recent Caspio Release 20 comes an improvement in Triggered Actions called "Variables" and "Do-While Loop". These allow you to achieve this workflow without having to specify a dummy table. Attached are the screenshot of the Trigger, and the Table Design Used. Hope this helps. Happy H4x1ng- -DefinitelyNot31337 Tables_2019-Dec-09_0543.zip
  3. While you may be using a 64-bit Operating System, it is possible that you may be using a 32-bit MS Office. This is because 32-bit apps are compatible with 64-bit OS'es, but not the other way around. 64-bit apps run faster since it can utilize more System RAM*, so it is really helpful to know if you have support to 64-bit versions of apps. Provided that you have 64-bit MS Office, it's best if you install 64-bit MS Plugin as well. Here's another article to determine which version of MS Office you are using: https://howto.salesflare.com/en/articles/1013253-how-do-i-know-if-my-outlook-program-is-32-or-64-bit -DN31337!
  4. On your DataPage, you have the option to overwrite an uploaded file so you don't keep the same file name at once. Reference: https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/uploading-files-and-images/ -DN31337
  5. Do you have a Separate List DataPage and (Single-Record Update, or Details DataPage)? I assume you have two DataPages since you can't have Inline Edit on List DataPage. In this case, you would need some interface to have the two connected to each other. Let me know if you have the deployed the SRU/Details DataPage as an iframe, or as embed on the same page as the List DataPage. Also, let me know if my assumption is correct.
  6. In addition to this, we may also specify this behavior to be default (on Styles level) so you don't have to specify the customization every time. To do so, locate your Styles first, but before modifying it I would suggest to duplicate the current style as backup. Once you are in the Styles configuration: 1.) Click on Source Tab 2.) Select All from DataPage Elements 3.) Look for cbTableDefaultCellspacing 4.) Add the rule: margin: auto; Below is how it should look like: Once this is saved, your DataPages with this localization will be centered with respect to its container I hope this helps. -DN31337!
  7. Hi @JanineB, You may also upload external files to your Caspio Account then reference it on your DataPages. You may also do this on other files such as css, images, etc... Hope this helps
  8. First, I'm not sure why you had to do Full Name and Full Address on your Work Order table when you can structure it the same way as your Clients table (with First_Name, Last_Name, etc... on separate fields). === I haven't reviewed the table design and workflow as well. Haha. But I wanted to mention that formula field values can be referenced in the trigger (Read-only). This means that if you are able to separate the fields you need on a formula field, you may simply set First_Name_Text255 = #inserted.First_Name_Formula on your trigger. Hope this helps -DN31337
  9. Hi @NeoInJS, Having the date field default to first day of the month, and have the field be editable at the same time is currently not possible in Submission Forms without JavaScript customization. Too keep things simple in cases of "editable-default" value , I usually just setup a Virtual Field that is a placeholder of the custom user-input value, then have a Calculated Value for the actual field to be either the "user-input value", or the default value if it is blank. You may do so by following these instructions: 1.) Create a Virtual Field that will hold the user-input values. (I would suggest creating a not for your users that say "Defaults to first day of the month"). 2.) For the actual date/time field, you may set the Form Element to a "Calculated Value", then use the syntax below (For this example, I assumed that you use Virtual 1 as your placeholder): CASE WHEN DATALENGTH('[@cbParamVirtual1]') > 0 THEN TRY_CONVERT(date, '[@cbParamVirtual1]') ELSE DateAdd( day, 1 - DatePart(day, '[@cbTimestamp*]'), '[@cbTimestamp*]' ) END Hope this helps. -DN31337
  10. I agree that a feature like this is really a must-have for the platform. Meanwhile, for everyone's appreciation, we may also utilize Pivot Tables for the meantime. Add your distinct-to-be field in the Row, and your date for Values. Then set the summary to Max Do note, however, that Pivot Tables' performance becomes terrible as the DataSource grows. Less that 10,000 should work fine.
  11. Hi In addition to my response here, you may also check my latest solution which dynamically sets the height of the iframe based on its content. Hope this helps -DN31337!
  12. Hello @Didier, I was able to formulate a working solution by putting together workflows from external resources. On the Footer of the DataPage you want to deploy as iframe, paste the snippet below (Make sure HTML Editor is disabled from the Advanced Tab). //Script tested on Tabular Report <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function() { parent.postMessage(document.documentElement.scrollHeight, "*"); console.log(document.documentElement.scrollHeight); }) </script> On cases of Submission Form / Details Drilldown, you may want to put the snippet below on an HTML Block instead. //Not tested <script> parent.postMessage(document.documentElement.scrollHeight, "*"); console.log(document.documentElement.scrollHeight); </script> Then, on the page where you will be embedding the iframe, place this code snippet: Replace iframe src with the URL Deployment of your DataPage <iframe id="ifr-cdr" src="https://xxx.caspio.com/dp/2abe231b344545ff9945230aaaeeffccc" frameborder="0">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> <script> // Create IE + others compatible event handler (Credits to: https://davidwalsh.name/window-iframe) var eventMethod = window.addEventListener ? "addEventListener" : "attachEvent"; var eventer = window[eventMethod]; var messageEvent = eventMethod == "attachEvent" ? "onmessage" : "message"; // Listen to message from child window eventer(messageEvent,function(e) { document.getElementById('ifr-cdr').height = e.data; },false); </script> Works for me. Hope this helps. -DN31337!
  13. @Batchini, you may also consider this solution. 1.) Create a view. INNER JOIN on Table1.Project_ID = Table2.ProjectID. 2.) Create a Pivot Table using the View on item#1 as your DataSource 3.) For your rows, use Table1.ProjectName 3.) For your values, use Table2.Status; then set "Summarize values by:" to Min Hope this helps -DN31337!
  14. If you intend to filter your Parent records based on min(FieldName), Triggered Actions would be the way to go since Caspio does not have the capability to filter a report by a Calculated Field as of the moment. Also, it might be worth mentioning that Triggered Actions are not available on Explore plans x). --
  15. Hi @NickO, I agree that doing 15 Calculated Fields is better in performance the more complex Pivot Table. To my knowledge, I believe this is the most optimized solution we can implement. You just have a big amount of data. === You may want to consider "caching" your results by creating 15 integer fields (corresponding to each of your criteria) on your table, then populate it either by Tasks/Triggered Actions. Sorry for the late revert. Do feel free to tag/mention me with the "@" sign so I get notified when you respond.
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