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  1. DefinitelyNot31337's post in Next Field Record for html block? was marked as the answer   
    If you have a timestamp field on your table, you can use a Calculated Field to do so. The syntax is as follows:
    SELECT fieldname FROM yourTable WHERE timestampfield > target.[@field:timestampfield]  
    It should get the value of the next record on your table. Note that using a criteria to filter the DataPage does not affect the SQL query, it still returns the next record FROM THE TABLE, however, you may add criteria to the WHERE clause of your SQL Statement.
    Also if by transpose you mean in terms of X and Y,  I believe that would be impossible in Caspio since we cannot dynamically generate columns on a Tabular Report, and you can have as many rows as you want.
  2. DefinitelyNot31337's post in Parse a Comma Separated Field was marked as the answer   
    In case someone might be loooking for this solution, I am attaching a solution of five formulas that will extract the nth element in a delimiter-separated list on string (in this case, the delimiter is a semi-colon).
    To upload this solution to your account, refer to this documentation:
    Hope this helps,
  3. DefinitelyNot31337's post in AutoComplete based on Role was marked as the answer   
    (A different approach)
    If I understand you correctly, it's not actually hard to implement as it seems. I, myself, wanted to implement this before.
    I am assuming that you are using an Authentication in your DataPage. If so:
    First, what we need to do is to somehow add to a Default_Task field to the DataSource of your Authentication (much easier if it's a View, but you can also do with a field with manually input value. Hopefully this makes sense. I am attaching an image for you to better visualize my point).

    Once it's in your authentication field, you should be able to use that as an OnLoad value on pretty much all kinds of DataPages

    Hope this helps you, kpcollier
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