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  1. I Have attached screenshot where i have two pages 1 is Detail Datapage and 2nd is Report Datapage... and 3rd is form Datapage which open on click on + Icon.. I have following tables. 1. Quote Master (Quotation Master Information, Quote ID, Company and Contacts) 2.Quote Products (its a child table of quote master where i add products for particular Quote) No w my requirement is what ever product i add to particular quote i need that total value of products in Quote master table (Example I created Quote ID101 and added 2 Products in Quote Products which total value is
  2. Hi I am using same function but its not working what is the mistake i am making here ? CASE WHEN DatePart(day, CASE WHEN GetDate()>[@field:createdate] THEN GetDate()-[@field:createdate] ELSE [@field:createdate]-GetDate() END) = 1 THEN Convert(nvarchar, DatePart(hour, CASE WHEN GetDate()>[@field:createdate] THEN GetDate()-[@field:createdate] ELSE [@field:createdate]-GetDate() END))+':' +Convert(nvarchar, DatePart(minute, CASE WHEN GetDate()>[@field:createdate] THEN GetDate()-[@field:createdate] ELSE
  3. Does someone has implemented JS to Capture Webcam Image and attach to Datapage File Field ?
  4. Hi @GoCubbies This will work fine with Forms but in Tabular Report we dont have either Virtual Field or way to define rules to show hide section...
  5. Hello, Can someone help me that how to show hide div based on if Authentication user is =Customer then Display DIV Customer and Hide Div Employee and admin Else if Authentication user is=employee then Display Div Employee and hide Div Customer and admin Else Authentication user is=admin then display div Admin and hide Div Customer and Employee
  6. HI Maymusic, Yes we can do that with API but that is something like every 1 min i have to read database ..so that is costly operation ...cant we make Push method like webhook from Caspio DB... ? so whenever there is update caspio can trigger that webhook ? I know we can achieve same with Zapier but that is again premium cost...
  7. Hi MayMusic, We got this issue fixed.. I m just updating here so it can be helpful for someone else too... To implement this solution you need a Timestamp Data Type field and Calculated fields. Let us say that the name of the Timestamp Data Type field is "Timestamp". ***** Than Calculated field 1 will be looked like the following: CASE WHEN GetDate()>[@field:Timestamp] THEN GetDate()-[@field:Timestamp] ELSE [@field:Timestamp]-GetDate() END ***** And Calculated field 2 will be: CASE WHEN DatePart(day,[@calcfield:1]) = 1 THEN
  8. Hello, I want to highlight any record is older then 1 day in Red Color based on my timestamp field... so can some one correct this script ? <a id="visi[@field:Ticketid]"> <script> var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@field:Ticketid]"); if(''!=='0'){ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#FF9999'; } else{ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#FFFFFF'; } </script></a>
  9. I just checked with caspio support for above requirement that i want to trigger external url on data insert , update in caspio database so they said you can achieve this function by writing custom script in your data page form so does anyone can help me on this... My Requirement is whenever there is a insert /update in caspio i need to post those updates in other ERP system over http web url or with custom api which ever is possible... my idea is that there should be some script we can insert into datapage that can post to my php web application and that application insert into my
  10. Hello, Can any one guide me how can we display User Profile Name or any data of Authenticated user in HTML Menu Bar Page ? Check this attached screenshot it should be same like Caspio...
  11. HI MayMusic, Thanx for your answer... its working but there is some issue... FYI..my current date time of the pc is 06-20-2018 11:22 AM (I have also attached screenshot) - Record created on 06/20/2018 00:42:12 is displayiing (-2hrs-3mins) - Record created on 06/19/2018 21:52:49 is displaying (1hrs47mins ) - Record created on 06/19/2018 05:18:47 is displaying (0days17hrs21mins) so my query is why it is displaying result in - value for record created today and can we discard 0 days if record is for today and if its older than today then we need to display value in days only no
  12. I have Record created Date Field in my table now in my Tabular report result page i need to display Age of the record in this format If Record is created today then display in Hrs & Min ( 1hrs 15min ago) If Record is created 1 day ago then need to display (1 day ago) So can someone help to create custom Calculation Field scrip for this requirement ? Thanx in Advance..
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