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  1. Hi @FaeFaeFae, I ended up giving yours a shot, and it did return the results I was looking for when the fields were limited to the device ID and Date. Is there a simple way to pull other fields from the record that has the MAX log date? When I add them to the select statement, it requires them to be added to the group by which adds more than 1 result for each deviceIID to the results, or requires to be in an aggregate which using max doesnt work as it pulls according to the alphabet and not the record with the newest timestamp.
  2. Yes, it would be at least 30+ days ago since the last date. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I will try this method tomorrow and let you know how it goes. The results you got is what I am looking to capture.
  3. Hi, I have 2 tables (Inventory list, and check in log) and I am trying to pull a list of all devices that are active and have not been checked in for over 1 month from today. I only want to pull the last check in entry. I was attempting to do this using a SELECT TOP 1 from check in log in the WHERE clause but it is not giving me the desired results. Anyone have suggestions on the logic to get this working? you can see my desired result below. Example Table 1(Inventory list) Device ID status 1 Active 2
  4. That is weird, I am the account owner, and I can freely add and remove data from the tables manually.
  5. I am trying to set up a simple triggered action to insert a value that is submitted from a form to a new record of another table. Here is the error it is giving me when trying. I have been currently achieving this using a 2 form submission where the 2nd form prepopulates with the value when the first form is submitted, and the user has to click submit on the 2nd form to create both records. I was hoping to use triggered action to remove this 2nd step.
  6. @Vitalikssssss Thank you, I was able to figure it out and get it working.
  7. Thank you for the reply, Unfortunately our account does not have access to triggered Actions but that does look like it would be the easiest method to set this up. Also seeing your logic above I probably have to add another condition to the IF statement that keeps it from updating if there is already a value in the Cancel_Notification_Date field like you did. I have been looking into it a bit more and it seems that it may have to do with an update to the javascript/caspio bridge and ajax loading being the reason the code above doesnt work. Do I have to change doc
  8. I am trying to get a timestamp into a field "Cancel_Notification_Date" when the dropdown for field "Auction_Status" is set to "Cancelled" when the changes are made on a details page for a report, the script is currently in the footer. I have modified a script I found to what is shown below but it is not seeming to submit the data to the table when the form is submitted. The field type for Notification_Date is Text and it is in the details page as a text box currently during building of the page, eventually to become hidden when I get it to work. Anyone know the
  9. Seems to be an issue with the AND statement, when I remove that I do not get an error. And was successfully able to get results using it like this: CASE WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) <= 30 THEN '0-30' WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) < 61 THEN '31-60' WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) < 91 THEN '61-90' ELSE '90+' END Seems it runs in order, so I do not need the extra operator Looking at it again it may be because I did not include Datediff after the AND.
  10. Trying to do a case statement with results depending on # of days but get invalid formula Incorrect syntax near (. Is it something simple I typed wrong or is this something that I cannot calculate? This is for a calculated field in tabular report. CASE WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) <= 30 THEN '0-30' WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) > 30 AND <= 60 THEN '31-60' WHEN Datediff(day,[@field:DOH],GetUTCDate()) > 60 AND <= 90 THEN '61-90' ELSE '90+' END
  11. I have an inventory log which has a running log of items and is timestamped when a new entry is submitted. Because it is a log it has multiple entries for each item (when the particular item switches hands for example) I am trying to create a report (using a table with calculated field) which will show the list of items and the last timestamp associated with each item. I created a calculated field and tried: SELECT TOP 1 Date FROM tbl_Tablet_Inventory_Log WHERE DeviceWirelessNumber=[@field:DeviceWirelessNumber] ORDER BY Date DESC Date is the column from t
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