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  1. Thanks for looking into it @KlisaN137. I did notice the appsession and have never seen that before, I dont even know what causes that. I have tried the <a href="> button as well with same result. I can use a normal link for now, I was just trying to spruce it up a bit and figured I was doing something wrong and it was a simple fix.
  2. I have put some HTML in a "display a message" after a submission form, I want one button to reload the page fresh/empty fields, the other button to reload the page with a few parameters passed. For some reason when I try to do this using simple buttons anytime either of the buttons are clicked, the datapage is reloaded with errors for the required fields missing and does not pass parameters if I click on the button with the parameters. Is this something specific to using buttons? I tested the same link as the button as just a link and it passes the parameters fine and loads like it should, its only when the buttons are used I get the error. [@field:Gear_Item] was successfully issued to&nbsp;[@field:Name]<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;<button onclick="window.location.href='https://c0ebl237.caspio.com/dp/121230003612c6470a7a405e9d82?cbResetParam=1';">Click Here to issue more gear (New employee)</button> this button gives error <button onclick="window.location.href='https://c0ebl237.caspio.com/dp/121230003612c6470a7a405e9d82?cbResetParam=1&Name=[@field:Name]&Date_Issued=[@field:Date_Issued*]';">Click Here to issue more gear (Same Employee)</button> this button gives error <a href="https://c0ebl237.caspio.com/dp/121230003612c6470a7a405e9d82?cbResetParam=1&Name=[@field:Name]&Date_Issued=[@field:Date_Issued*]">Test</a> this link works fine
  3. @kpcollier @Tubby thank you! It seems that is what it was and makes sense now that I think about it. That one seems to be working now. I have a similar situation that is a bit more complicated I have been trying to wrap my head around for differnce in minutes, are date/time values stored as your account timezone? Would the below work if the Date_Time_Value is 10/14/2021 10:00:00 and the current timestamp in Central Timezone is 12/14/2021 9:30:00 even if our account timezone is in PST? Or would the stored Date_Time_Value be defaulted to our account timezone and need to be stored as 12/14/2021 7:30:00 to trigger? I am trying to solve for events in different timezones and currently : Date is imported and stored as Date/Time Time is imported and stored as Text Timezone is imported as Text (PST, MST, CST, EST) I created a formula field using this: CONVERT(varchar, [@field:Date], 101) +' '+ CONVERT(varchar, [@field:Time], 108) but it doesnt account for Timezone. Would I need to use a CASE statement to convert time to UTC format in order to get the above screenshot to trigger?
  4. Hi, I am trying to set up a task to send out a message the day of event for everyone signed up for an event on that day, I have followed the simple instructions found on the Caspio how to website for Tasks which seems simple enough. For some reason, the messages are not being generated and sent: Date is stored as Date/Time when I go into task history, it says 0 sent. If I create a few of the joined tables, and set filter for today it does pull the events & populated fields
  5. Thank you guys, I was able to get it working using this which seems to be the same effect as the one you suggested:
  6. Hi, I am trying to do something that seems simple but getting an error. When the data is updated in the table and the status is updated to "cancelled no staff" I am trying to delete ALL RECORDS from tbl_Employee_Auction_Schedule where the GL code in the updated record matches in the tbl_Employee_Auction_Schedule Thank you,
  7. I was trying to accomplish something similar, I have a running log of check ins and I was trying to create a table to be emailed based on last check in for each employee that was 30+ days old. I am easily able to pull the value of the last check in, in a Caspio report using a SQL query by using TOP 1 ORDER BY DESC, however I have not been able to successfully replicate this in a table variable for a task. This is what I did to make it work based on your info above: Create a table with list of "inspection jobsites" (assuming this is your unique identifier), column for "last inspection category", "last inspection unit", "last inspection date". Create a triggered action on the table "Qtr_Inspection_Master" on data insert where it updates table "inspection jobsites" fields: "last inspection category", "last inspection unit", "last inspection date" where inspection jobsite equals the inserted inspection jobsite. If you do this the table "inspection jobsites" will always have the last inspection date in that table and will be updated anytime a new inspection is submitted for that site. on the picture below: UPDATE tbl_Tablet_Master_List would be your new "inspection jobsites" table inserted.timestamp = QTR_Inspection_Date WHERE (inserted.QTR_Inspection_Jobsite) equal (inspection jobsites table.Inspection_Jobsite (If you name it this)) Etc. Then you can create a task to pull the data based on date ranges. I can provide some screenshots of my triggers and tasks in a bit if that helps. You can ignore the join below, it is just there to filter the results. Mine is setup to send a list of all devices that are 30+ days since the last check in. There may be an easier way to do it but I was not able to figure it out. I am no expert
  8. Thank you! I was just reading through the online help and saw this. Didn't realize because I was making copies of triggers before making changes in case I break what was previously working and it would make me disable the previous action so I thought it was limited to 1 Back to work, I am sure I will be back with more questions.
  9. Hi, I am setting up a sms notification triggered action when employees are scheduled and removed from the schedule At the top, you choose "run actions on" Is there a way to separate or add one of those sections so I can have actions that are triggered on Insert, and separate actions that are triggered on Delete? It doesnt give me the option to duplicate the "runs actions on" shell. Or would I be able to use IF statement to determine if the data is being inserted or deleted? Thank you,
  10. Hi @FaeFaeFae, I ended up giving yours a shot, and it did return the results I was looking for when the fields were limited to the device ID and Date. Is there a simple way to pull other fields from the record that has the MAX log date? When I add them to the select statement, it requires them to be added to the group by which adds more than 1 result for each deviceIID to the results, or requires to be in an aggregate which using max doesnt work as it pulls according to the alphabet and not the record with the newest timestamp.
  11. Yes, it would be at least 30+ days ago since the last date. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I will try this method tomorrow and let you know how it goes. The results you got is what I am looking to capture.
  12. Hi, I have 2 tables (Inventory list, and check in log) and I am trying to pull a list of all devices that are active and have not been checked in for over 1 month from today. I only want to pull the last check in entry. I was attempting to do this using a SELECT TOP 1 from check in log in the WHERE clause but it is not giving me the desired results. Anyone have suggestions on the logic to get this working? you can see my desired result below. Example Table 1(Inventory list) Device ID status 1 Active 2 Active 3 Active 4 Active 5 Active 6 Active 7 Active 8 Active Table 2 (Running Log) Device ID Date 1 1/1/2021 2 1/15/2021 3 12/21/2020 4 3/4/2021 1 2/1/2021 1 3/1/2021 2 2/15/2021 Desired Result: Device ID Date 3 12/21/2020 2 2/15/2021 Current Result: Device ID Date 1 1/1/2021 1 2/1/2021 2 2/15/2021 2 1/15/2021 3 12/21/2020 Also, is there a trick to getting the order by timestamp to work? The result seems to order by the deviceID even if I specify timestamp.
  13. That is weird, I am the account owner, and I can freely add and remove data from the tables manually.
  14. I am trying to set up a simple triggered action to insert a value that is submitted from a form to a new record of another table. Here is the error it is giving me when trying. I have been currently achieving this using a 2 form submission where the 2nd form prepopulates with the value when the first form is submitted, and the user has to click submit on the 2nd form to create both records. I was hoping to use triggered action to remove this 2nd step.
  15. @Vitalikssssss Thank you, I was able to figure it out and get it working.
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