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  1. Is there a way to set a password restriction so the user has to have at least number of characters with capital letters and at least special character? Tnx!
  2. Thank you! What if it is the data in that specific cell, like rows?
  3. Hello. I would like the text in one of the columns in my results table to be red, is this possible?
  4. I want to use CSS code in email notification messages. But it is not working, the final result is not the same. It's just plain text and I'm using Gmail. How can I fix this?
  5. JanineB


    Have you any tips how to embed key word search to the app?
  6. I have a simple table with "ID numbers" for the City of a specific Country. I have my main data table that includes a "ID number" field. How can I update all of the records in the main table with the matching ID number? I want to match up the ID numbers in each table in order to do insert of data on an empty field. Thank you!
  7. Is there any way for me to know all the words that have been typed in from Search box?
  8. Hi - I keep on seeing this "Data Table" words.. how can I remove this? Thanks!
  9. How can I get the exact age: Ex: Today's date is Feb 4, 2019. My birthday is Feb 5, 1998. On my Calculated Value, it shows 21 years old already. My question is how can I show it as 20 years old because it is still not Feb 5. This is my current Formula: Datediff(day,[@Date_of_birth],GetUTCDate())/365 I wanted it to be based by day. Appreciate your help!
  10. How can I add a new button in Details Page of Gallery Report?
  11. I want my user to be able to log-in to the Webpage, when and only when the admin has approved his account. We have a checkbox field (Approved) that can identify if the user is approved by the admins. How can I have a conditional log-in form?
  12. JanineB


    I have a question, how can I remove/reset my search form in my 'tabular data page'? Because every time I click 'search again' it always display my last search value.
  13. JanineB

    Limit Field

    Hi! How can I limit a field to input just 25 characters. Thanks
  14. Hello. I'm new to Caspio. On my Results Page, I would like to have a page break when printing my reports. How would I do that? Professional plan here.
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