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  1. Hi, Provided the Month and Year, is it possible to get the date of the First Sunday of that Month?
  2. Hi, Is there any way to hide rows on a Tabular report based on the value of a Calculated Field? I was hoping I could set this up on the Filter Criteria in the DataPage but I was told by Caspio Support that this is currently not possible. They advised to sort the Calculated Field from top to bottom (to put the null-values at the bottom) then use JavaScript to highlight the blank records. Any thoughts on how to hide the whole row instead of just highlighting it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, TS
  3. Hello, In addition to this thread, you might also want to check this solution which involves a little less JavaScript, but with some CSS. Hope this helps -TS
  4. Hello Is it possible to pass a field with special charaters such as ampersand over query string? I was trying to pass a field value to another webpage but it seems to break after the & character. Is there something we can do to receive this onto the other page. Any help is appreciated. many thanks, TS
  5. Hello, Is it possible to set a default value on a Details DataPage / Details Drilldown? I have a "Seen" field (DataType is Yes/No) in my records and I wanted have that always set to checked (i.e. Yes) when anyone opens that Details Page. I do understand that I cannot set an OnLoad value to it since its value depends on the actual record. I hope someone can help. Thanks, TS
  6. Hi! This works. However, when I scroll go over to the previous and next months, the highlighting seems to go out. Is there something we can do to prevent the highlight from being removed?
  7. Hi Is it possible to show the Grand Total of each row in this chart? Hope someone can help Thanks, TS
  8. In a Tabular Report DataPage, Is it possible to separate Record Actions (View Details, Edit, Delete) to separate lines?
  9. Hi MarcS, You may define a custom logic in your Filtering Criteria to always Company B results. In addition, the best way to debug your chart is to always select Chart and Report DataPage which you can hide by adding these codes in the Header/Footer with HTML Editor Disabled in the Advanced Tab: Header: <div style="display: none;"> Footer: </div> You may, then just show them later on by removing none. I hope this helps. -TroubleShooter
  10. Hi, Is it possible to style disabled fields on a Web Form? I've been trying to look at styles and it seems that there is no option to style/format a disabled element field. A disabled element seems to look the same as an active one. I was hoping I can do some styling to make it stand-out or imply to the users that certain elements on the web form are disabled (commonly due to rules restriction). Hope someone can help. TIA -TroubleShooter
  11. Hello guys, Is it possible to automatically login a user after they have registered for an account? Hoping someone can help Thanks in advance, TroubleShooter
  12. Hi, I was trying to implement Rules on a Submission Form DataPage and was trying to hide a Section with required fields. I was wondering why I can't do so until a Support person pointed out on an article that it is not possible to hide a Section if there are required fields inside it. I was wondering if there is something JavaScript can do with this. Thanks in advance. Regards, TroubleShooter
  13. In addition to @DefinitelyNot31337's definitely genius solution, in case you're wondering how to get the last day of the current month, you may to use this syntax: DATEADD( month, 1, DATEADD( DAY, -DAY('[@cbTimestamp*]'), '[@cbTimestamp*]' ) ) Hope this helps, TroubleShooter
  14. Hi, I hope the title speaks for itself. It's a bit difficult to explain in words so I'll just present it visually. So I have this Tabular Report DataPage with Grouping and Aggregation. What I wanted to do is to be able to pull the first record and put it in it's corresponding collapsible column. As demonstrated above. And I hope it will remain that way even if I collapse the whole row. Calling out the masters in customization. I hope you hear my call of help. Many thanks in advance, TroubleShooter
  15. Hi, I've been trying to design my DataPages to look good on mobile. When trying to delete data, I noticed that the dialog boxes doesn't fit on small mobile screens. I tried to implement the Responsive DataPages but it still doesn't work. Hoping someone can help. Thanks, TroubleShooter
  16. Hi, Thanks for all your answers. They are really helpful ^_^v. Cheers, TroubleShooter
  17. Hi, I have created a Report DataPage for my client's information table. Now, there are some fields on my table that would be irrelevant/inapplicable for some types of clients (For the sake of this example, let's classify them as: Type A, Type B, and Type C). I can easily do this in Forms using Rules but it seems that Rules is not yet available for results page and details page which have no editable fields. Hoping someone can help Many thanks in advance -TroubleShooter (causing problems ^^v )
  18. Hi, I've been trying to create navigation links for my website. However, I can't seem to implement a logic to only show some links intended for a different role (as defined in authenticaition). Hoping someone could help. Regards, TroubleShooter
  19. Hi there, I have a Submission Form DataPage and I wanted to like count the number of options in a Dropdown field. I would be using that for division as I wanted to make a report on statistics. I already have some JavaScript working but the problem is, it doesn't work on Dropdowns with more than 100 options. document.addEventListener("DataPageReady", function() { ... var count = document.querySelector('[id=*InsertRecordCategory]').length; console.log(count); ... }) What's weird is that it returns a number (e.g. 7) when less than 100 or 0 when greater than 100 or so. Hope someone can help.
  20. Hi, I've been trying to do a Tabular Report DataPage. However, I can't seem to be able to receive parameters for my fields if they are not hidden. And, the problem with hidden fields is that it hides the whole row which messes-up with my report. I am thinking that a JavaScript solution might come in handy but I am not well-versed in such. Hoping someone can help out. Many thanks in advance. -TroubleShooter Always causing problems >:D
  21. Hi, I have been customizing my Caspio App using custom Javascript, however, doing so does not trigger my rules. Perhaps giving a mock scenario would better explain the situation:. Given I have three Input fields: Alpha, Omega, and Sigma, I have a Caspio Rule that says if Omega contains 'man', hide Sigma. This works well when manually doing inputs directly to Omega. However, I have an on("input") listener that syncs the value of Alpha and Omega. When I type 'Iron-man' on Alpha, it also appears on Omega, but Sigma is not being hidden. I am hoping someone can help. Many Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I've wanted to generate geocodes from the input felds in my Web Form and I'm following this HowTo TechTip here. However, it is not working. I've rechecked it many times and I still can't make this work. I tried to inspect my webpage from the browser and saw some messages from the console. I hope someone can help. Many Thanks in advance,
  23. Hi, I've been creating a simple app in Capsio that is basically just a collection of links. I want my users to select a link where they want to go, open their selected link in another window, but still remain in the same page after form submission. I am using a submission form DataPage to gather data about the links. The problem is, I can only select either: 'Same Page' or 'Go to Page', but not both. Hoping someone here can help me. Thanks in advance =)
  24. Hi, Was hoping someone can help me here. I know that the DataPage timeout is a security feature of Caspio to prevent unauthorized access of other people when the user is AFK. However, I would want my users to be notified if they will be logged out after a couple of minutes for them to save their work. A support person suggested that I extend my login timeout in the Authentications. But I don't use one. Finally, he/she told me that it is possible to notify my users that they will be timed-out with the use of JavaScript.
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