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  1. Cstricker, thank you so much for your quick reply. Your explanation makes sense. I will give it a try and I hope to be able to reproduce what you described and get the correct result. Also, thank you for sharing the screenshot; it helps a lot. Thanks again.
  2. Csticker, I have the same exact issue. Did you find a solution?
  3. Thanks Vitalikssssss for sharing. The solution looks great and I will most likely use it in some other scenarios I may be needing. FYI given the limitation, back in August my workaround was to use triggered actions to determine day of the week and it has been working fine so far. I will be happy to share a screenshot of it if you or anyone else would like to see it.
  4. Jan (Parma2015), while this is more than 3 years from your post here, I am having the exact same issue with the Caspio popup calendar in a WordPress site. Can you please provide your solution. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kaveh
  5. Franchiser, thanks for taking the time to look into this. I see your test of this formula is being done in a DataPage and I had already been able to get it to work in a DataPage as well. The problem is that the same formula used directly in a Formula field in a table will not work. I was able to work around it by using a triggered action in the table and since triggered actions have a similar day of the week option, it works. However, the formula still will not work in a table field without a triggered action. Thanks again.
  6. Vitalikssssss, thanks very much for your response. I kinda figured this wasn't going to work for now. Perhaps sometime in the future, I hope. I will put a request in IdeaBox and we shall see. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you so much for your response, MayMusic. Just before receiving your response, I figured out how to get day of the week automatically added in a table using triggered actions. Triggered actions offers some very nice date functions/features, etc. However, if your suggested approach works, it might be more efficient and/or I would like to make it work since it may come in handy for other use cases. So, i just tried following your instructions and I cannot get this formula to work in a form field. Please see screenshot shown below for the set up in a dummy form and table I just create
  8. I understand we are not able to use the date formula for day of the week directly in a table field. I have managed to create a calculated field in a DataPage that uses a day of the week formula (see below for the formula used) which is working nicely and gives me the desired result on the DataPage. However, this is good for display only and I cannot use the result other than viewing it on the DataPage. Is there a way to pass the result from my DataPage calculated field back to a table (same table that the DataPage is connected to)? Or, is there anyway to get a working formula directly on
  9. I have three data pages on one web page (WordPress site): 1 input form, one tabular datapage with inline editing enabled, and one pivot datapage all working from the same table. When the user inputs data via the input form, the AJAX feature works great and both other two reports update instantaneously without a page refresh (quite impressive). However, if the user chooses to go over to the tabular datapage and edit or delete an item, then the AJAX updating doesn't work for updating the pivot table right below it. Is there something wrong with my setup or is this not even an option/possibl
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