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  1. I have a formula field in one of my tables that calculates the difference between to date/time fields. I want the results to display as dd:hh:mm. Here is my formula as it is currently. Any suggestions would be appreciated. CASE WHEN [@field:TimeAssigned] Is Null THEN '' ELSE Datediff(minute, [@field:Time], [@field:TimeAssigned]) END
  2. How can I hide the Search Form section of a Tabular report, without hiding the Table report itself? I tried this out in my own html file: <style> #caspioform { display: none; } </style> But it hides the whole datapage. I need to hide only the Search Form section. And I need to do it only in my .html file, not the datapage ( I mean I can't do this on the footer o header).
  3. Thank you, @NailDyanC. I need to translate this into a Caspio 'Task' or Triggered Action. Would it be possible to show an example in that format for me to use as a guide?
  4. I want to concatenate values even if the first or second is blank. In such a way that there are no left over spaces if one is null. So I am trying to combine FirstName1 + LastName1 + FirstName2 + LastName2, and if Name 1 is blank, I prefer not to have any leading spaces in my result. Is it possible?
  5. Hi, I have a submission form datapage with a virtual field that has its value set while on the page and a text field. I want the value of the virtual field to set the default value of the editable text field. Can I do this? For example: In the first 2 dropdowns, pick the first option available, I want to set Name to the value of Virtual8 'Recommended Name' after you select from the first 2 dropdowns, 'Recommended name' (Virtual8) is valued. I want 'Working Checklist Name' (Name) to then be valued with what is in Virtual8.
  6. I have a one to many relationship but I only want to see the most recent event in my report. I am using a calculated field SELECT TOP 1 ContactID FROM Contacts WHERE ContactID = target.[@field:ContactID] ORDER BY CallDate but I get all the results not the most recent. For example, I have a table Contacts with one person and table calls with. But I only want to see the when the last call was made. I want to display only the recent record/s.
  7. I have a radio button that uses custom values. I need to select one of the options as the default but the tick to do so is not working. Can you please advise what I'm doing wrong? Like for example, I have the options "Any, Yes and No" and I want to make the option "Any" as the default one. The "tick" to do so normally shows in green but it is currently black/gray and won't set the default. By the way, removing and reinserting has not changed.
  8. I have a date field that loads today's date and time in the search and results Tabular report, which then does not allow the event name dropdown field to show any options. The date field is the parent field for event name field's cascading dropdown. I want only the current date to auto-populate in the field without the time. Also, be able to have them choose another date. I want the field to be a parent field in the cascading dropdown.
  9. How can I format the Name in a reverse order by displaying first the first name instead of Last Name. My table has client' last name and first name in the same field, listed with last name first, with a comma, ie, Balot, Kevin. I want to reverse the name, keep them in one field, but put first names first, with no comma, ie, Kevin Balot Is there a way to do that automatically so I don't have to make the changes manually?
  10. I have a problem with the text area field using Inline Add. Once we click add another new line character in the text area field, it seems that when we used it in email notification(both Details and Submission forms) it ignores the next line structure and just continue its character spacing. Example: It should be like this: "This is a test item for new line character. New sentence begin here start of the second line." Not like this: "This is a test item for new line character. New sentence begin here start of the second line" It should break into another line.
  11. I have a form that when I print the HTML blocks they extend to far across the page and is not readable is there a way to set the margins? Once I click print preview, the right side of the page is broken and cut off. I want to show the whole scale or the whole page. Please let me know how to fix this.
  12. I have Grid Edit available on several Tabular reports. All users are authenticated. If I were to include a "Edited By" or Modified By" field in my table, is there a way to have the user who makes the edit via Grid Edit or Bulk edit recorded to the table? Can you please give me some tips on how to achieve this? Thank you.
  13. Hi, is there a way to make a File form element on my data page only accept jpg files? So, if you will upload images or other files it will not be accepted unless it is a jpeg. Is it possible?
  14. I want a create web datapage with cascading dropdownlist. I have create 2 table. 1-state 2.student. 1.state table are 3 field. 1-Id(auto number) 2.State name(text) 3.(district name) 2.student table are 3 same field. 1.(auto number) 2 state name 3.district name. All I want is a cascading dropdown list which under the state.
  15. I am using a case statement to make a q (if it is there) an upper case Q Here is the CASE WHEN Charindex('q',[@field:pNumber],0)=1 THEN UPPER([@field:pNumber]) END I also want to remove any spaces and '-' in the string pNumber. Can I do all that in one formula statement?
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