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  1. NJConrcs

    Navigation Bar

    Thanks for all your responses. I have also an idea to add a feedback form on my DataPage, I can easily use a submission form for that. but I want to use something like a pop-up instead of displayed, so it could look more user-friendly. How can I do that?
  2. NJConrcs

    Navigation Bar

    Thank you. I have another question, is it possible to create or implement a certain timeout time in submission forms?
  3. NJConrcs

    Navigation Bar

    Is it possible to add a menu bar or nav bar inside a Caspio DataPage?
  4. NJConrcs

    Adding Media link in Caspio

    Thank you, all your replies are so helpful. I have a question related to this post, How can I deploy my application to facebook? Is it possible?
  5. NJConrcs

    Source in HTML DataPage

    Hi in my HTML DataPage the source is disabled so I am not able to select other data source. How can I remove the default data source?
  6. Hi, I am trying to make a simple script in an HTML Block with two conditions. Condition One: If [@field:Customer_Document_Link] is not blank show Condition One: Condition One: <a href="[@field:Customer_Document_Link]" target="_blank"><img alt="File Quick View" src="http://account-word.net/webapps/hca/images/Entypo_e731(1)_32.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /></a> Condition Two: If [@field:Customer_Document_Upload] is not blank show Condition Two: <a href="https://c0axa1982.caspio.com/dp/76292000e18ad3e841834930b218?Employee_Document_Upload=[@InsertRecordCustomer_Document_Upload]" target="_blank"><img alt="File Quick View" src="http://account-word.net/webapps/hca/images/Entypo_e731(1)_32.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /></a> Thank you for your help.
  7. NJConrcs

    Validating Phone Number

    Thank you guys, that works for me. But now, I am trying to use this script on a single record update (vs. a submission form). Unfortunately, it is not working. Is this because on a single record update DataPage, I cannot receive value or parameter on load? Is it possible for phone validation to work on a single record update form? Thanks, NJConrcs NJConrcs
  8. I have a question about how to put a download link or button in a Details Page using a Gallery DataPage. Example: I have a Dropdown function to search a specific picture, once I found it, I want to download that specific picture. Do you have any idea or method on how to do this? Thanks! :)
  9. I have a question regarding with a hyperlink inside an Email, can I embed a hyperlink into an email link through Caspio? I know that I can do it into notification section of the DataPage at the end, but I am trying to do it in the Details section by creating an email link by using a Virtual field. To clarify things out, what I want is the link will be inside the email, for example: "To proceed to the next step, CLICK HERE."
  10. Can you help me validating a phone number field? That only contains 10 Numbers (US FORMAT) and it should not allow submitting a partial number or below the minimum length of 10 numbers.
  11. How to make query results as hyperlink in a calculated field?
  12. NJConrcs

    Using a Parameter in an Aggregate field

    To clarify things out, the DataPage receives parameters: dp_record_ID_P and dp_budget_amount_P. dp_budget_amount_P as $750 000 and the FUNDING as 200 000. I now want to subtract the FUNDING from the dp_budget_amount_P and display the result of $ 550 000.
  13. NJConrcs

    Using a Parameter in an Aggregate field

    Do you have any syntax for that? Thanks
  14. I have one virtual field (dropdown) on a data page to allow me to redirect someone to different landing pages. I'd like to capture the value from those virtual fields and write it to my data table. Is there a way to do this?
  15. I am passing a parameter from one DataPage (sending) to another and I wish to use the parameter in an Aggregate formula.The Aggregate sums a field in my table and I wish to subtract the parameter that is passed to the receiving Datapage.Please advise if I can reference the parameter in the aggregate formula and if yes, what is the syntax.