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  1. You won't get the outcomes you need 100% of the time, particularly in case you're another site endeavouring to rank for a well-known catchphrase, yet in the event that you consider content advertising and SEO important, you can begin to get things going. To get found online when your target audience searches for the keywords related to your product or services, your website needs to be properly optimized. A catchphrase – in connection to site design improvement – is a word, expression or sentence that depicts your item/benefit or a point that is important to your crowd. For instance
  2. The behaviour of type='reset' is not to clear the form elements, but to return them to the initial/default values when the page was loaded. After you submit your form, if you are then passing the submitted values back to the form to be pre-populated (set as the initial values) of the form, then your reset button will only reset the fields to those passed values, not to a "clean" state. To actually clear the form, you will need to use Javascript. Here is an example that would work for the HTML given in your question... <script> function customReset() { document.ge
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