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  1. Yes, I have a similar interest in finding a freelance Caspio Javascript resource. for some of the more advanced capabilities we are trying to implement. The current challenge is accessing in javascript the properties of a listbox that uses the new List-String field capability. We have codes that pulls back list length, value, option label or value of a regular listbox (lookup or custom). Unfortunately the same syntax does not seem to work on a Multi-select listbox. Thanks paulh@boomerangC.com
  2. I need to set up a multi-column lookup list in the middle of a datapage. I have looked extensively and have not yet found an example. It would seem that others may have had this need. It looks like the existing listbox is not set up, yet, to handle multiple fields/columns. I am open to a HTML block solution, but, I don't know enough HTML myself to know how to build a multi-row, multi-column table dynamically that ties to a table. (the count of qualified records varies depending on the client business being profiled). The solution may be a data array built in javascript with nested for loops, that would feed the HTML table. I also have another multi-column lookup list where the cells/values of one of the columns needs to be editable. Currently records in the listbox control are not editable. I can build a static HTML table that includes edit boxes. The challenge here might be how to make this dynamic off a lookup dataset and insure that changed values in those edit boxes write back to the table they came from. I've even looked at an alternative solution of setting up a separate results table on a different datapage and then embed that in the middle of the datapage. But, currently Caspio does not seem to have the ability to embed a small tabular object from one datapage, into another. (The only way to do this seems to be to mash up two datapages on a webpage... but this does not give the user the in-line experience. Looking for expert guidance. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Again, it seems like several other Caspio developers would have a use for such a solution. (maybe one is obvious and I am just not seeing it.) Thanks!
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