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  1. Hi @wvantongeren, I know it's too late to answer this question, but for future reference, you can use a Calculated Field in the Tabular report to check if the Acteif field is Ja or Nee. If Ja, display a link instead. Here's a sample formula: CASE WHEN [@field:Actief] = 'Ja' THEN '<a href="https://c1esh889.caspio.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">Go to a new page</a>' ELSE 'Nee' END Then, to render it as a link, add an HTML Block and display the result of this calculated field. Lastly, hide the calculated field. To do that, add Header/Footer, paste this code in t
  2. Hi All, You can also use an SQL Formula to get the most recent value for a specific record or house number in the table and add 1 to it. For example: (SELECT MAX(Num) FROM TABLE where HouseID = target.[@field:HouseID]) + 1
  3. Hello! If you would like to concatenate two inserted fields, you can also use Formula field aside from the Triggered Action. [@field:FIELD1] + [@field:FIELD2] https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/ Hope this helps.
  4. Hello! In addition to the previous comment, you can also use a Triggered Action that whenever you insert or update a record in the Table, it will automatically calculates the Age. Then, create the application Tasks stated above and run it every year.
  5. Hello @Sam23, As I understand, you would like to use the DisplayName in the lookup table of your Dropdown field. This is also a Formula field which is the combination of First Name and Last Name. The reason why formula field is not available in the option because, when you concatenate two text fields it becomes Text(64000). This DataType is not allowed as options for the lookup Table. To correct that, use this formula instead: CONVERT(varchar(50),[@field:FirstName] + ' ' + [@field:LastName]) For your second question, you can use Autocomplete field as form element so you can type th
  6. Hi @Harbinger, You can use this formula in the calculated field: (SELECT SUM(IsNull(Balance, 0)) FROM Running_Balance WHERE Code= target.[@field:Code] AND ID <= target.[@field:ID]) Hope this helps!
  7. Hi All! I would like to share a solution to get the running balance without using JavaScript or Triggered Actions. You can just use a Calculated field. (SELECT SUM(ISNULL(CASE WHEN [@field:Debit_Credit] = 'Deposit' Then [@field:Balance] ELSE 0-[@field:Balance] END,0) - ISNULL([@field:Decrease],0)) FROM Running_Balance WHERE Code= target.[@field:Code] AND ID <= target.[@field:ID]) The formula is based on the initial inquiry in this forum thread. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi all! You can also use Calculated field in the Reports DataPage to display the running balance: (SELECT SUM(ISNULL([@field:Increase],0) - ISNULL([@field:Decrease],0)) FROM Running_Balance WHERE Code= target.[@field:Code] AND ID <= target.[@field:ID]) You may check this for reference: https://c0acp706.caspio.com/dp/2d9860007b629b8a4b074df5af34
  9. Hi @Mrudi, If you don't want to use Triggered Actions and you just want to display the running balance in the reports only, you can use a calculated field instead. You may use this formula: (SELECT SUM(IsNull(Balance, 0)) FROM Running_Balance WHERE Date <= target.[@field:Date]) Balance is the name of the field where I store the amount and Running_Balance is the name of the Table. You may change these names based on your corresponding field names. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi team! Just to update with my previous solution, here is also another way to adjust the width of the grid edit. Please this see post: Cheers!
  11. Hi @Mitch, You may try the code below: <style> /*adjust the header of the grid edit*/ div[class="HeadCtnr"] th:nth-child(1) { width: 300px !important; } div[class="HeadCtnr"] th:nth-child(2) { width: 300px !important; } div[class="HeadCtnr"] th:nth-child(3) { width: 300px !important; } /*adjust the content of the grid edit*/ div[class="BodyCtnr"] th:nth-child(1) { width: 300px !important; } div[class="BodyCtnr"] th:nth-child(2) { width: 300px !important; } div[class="BodyCtnr"] th:nth-child(3) { width: 300px !important; } </style> The code will adjust the width of
  12. Hi @KweenYasmin, I tried and checked on this and it seems that if I change the form method from post to get, it works as expected. You may also try it on your end. <form method ="get" action="https://c1abm222.caspio.com/dp.asp">
  13. Hello @Elderberg, I created a simple submission form on my end. I enabled the Onload parameter for one field and make the other field required. Upon loading, the field successfully received the parameter. After I hit the submit button without filling up the required field, the parameter still remains. I wasn't able to replicate the said issue on my end. For troubleshooting, you can: 1) Clear the cache of your browser or use other browser instead. 2) Check if the AJAX loading is disabled. 3) Check of you have custom script in that DataPage. Hope this
  14. Hi @JanineB, I also have a step by step procedure stated here on how to remove blank fields in email.
  15. Hi @pxlmedia, Here is the correct syntax that you can use: SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT[@field]) Cheers!
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