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  1. I tried this code and it seems to be working if the ajax loading is disabled. Sharing with you is the modified script that is working even if the Ajax loading in the DataPage is enabled. <script> document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function() { var first= document.getElementById("Value1_1").value; var second = document.getElementById("Value2_1").value; var third = document.getElementById("Value3_1").value; if (( first === 0) & ( second === 0) & ( third === 0)) { event.preventDefault(); window.alert("Please enter a value in a field"); } }); </script> You can also refer to this link: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/ajax-loading/ Hope this helps!
  2. I also had a workaround that I would like to share with you. Here are the objects in Caspio Bridge that you need to perform the said workflow. * Separate Table to generate the One-time password upon logging in. * Submission form. (This will be a auto submit form.) * Standalone Login Screen. * Details DataPage for submitting the OTP. Attached is a word document with steps and screenshots. Hope this helps. Two Factor Auth - User Level.docx
  3. Hi @jnordstrand, Having a weather widget feature needs API integration and custom programming. However, you can check the links that I found below as your reference: https://rapidapi.com/blog/weather-app-javascript-nodejs/ https://bithacker.dev/fetch-weather-openweathermap-api-javascript
  4. Hi @IamBlossom, For File DataTypes, you need to use SQL's "DATALENGTH" to measure if the field has content or not. It is a behavior that NOT NULL or IS NULL will not work for File Datatype. Use this instead: CASE WHEN DATALENGTH([@field:Images]) = 0 THEN 'No image attached' ELSE 'Image available' END Hope this helps!
  5. Hi @Thewf, Have you tried to disable the Ajax loading for that DataPage?
  6. Hi @Tonie, If you were using a Submission Form, you must use 'InsertRecord' prefix instead of 'EditRecord'. Also, please check if the Ajax loading is enabled. You must disable it first to make your JavaScript to work. I tried this code on my end and it works as expected. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function check() { var p1 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrimaryPhone").value; var p2 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordSecondaryPhone").value; if(p1 == '' & p2 == '') { window.alert('Please input at least one phone number'); return false; } else { window.alert(p1+' ' + p2); } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=check; </SCRIPT> Hope this helps!
  7. Hi @nuimage, I got curious about the behavior that you have experienced using the Text Area, that's why I've tried this on my end. I created a Tabular Report with Details page enabled. I have a Text area and I was able to enter multiple lines of text.
  8. Hello @Ras2019, 1. You can add a Yes/No field, checked if Active, unchecked if Inactive. Then, you can use a View to filter the records based on the Status. https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/what-are-views/creating-a-view-to-filter-data/ 2. To create a record and to save it to other table once the record is deleted to the main table, you need to use a Triggered Action. I have a sample of Triggered Action that you can check. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi @ryancys, You can add the JavaScript on the Header/ Footer or HTML Block. https://howto.caspio.com/faq/caspio-bridge-8-4/inserting-code-in-html-blocks-and-header-footer/
  10. Hi @roattw, You must select HMTL first in order to see that icon.
  11. Hi @haxx0r, Here is what you can do to achieve your desired output: (1) Add Calculated field and paste this Formula: STUFF((SELECT ', ' + CAST (Name AS nvarchar) FROM TABLE WHERE Family_ID = target.[@field:Family_ID] FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 2, '') Note: Please change "TABLE" to the correct table name and Family_ID to the correct field name. (2) Display the result of the Calculated Field in the Header. Please refer to the attached screenshot. (3) Hide the Calculated Field. On the Header, click on the Source button first or disable HTML Editor in the Advanced Tab: <style> #target table:nth-of-type(1) td:nth-of-type(6) {display: none;} #target table:nth-of-type(1) th:nth-of-type(6) {display: none;} </style> <div id="target"> Note: The number in td:nth-of-type(6) shows which column you want to hide. Please refer to this forum post for reference: Then, paste it in the Footer: </div> Hope this helps.
  12. Hi all, Just to update you, Caspio has an article on how to hide multiple login screens. Here is the link: https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/hiding-multiple-login-forms/
  13. Hi all, I just saw the new release of Caspio regarding responsive DataPages. Now, you don't have to add line of codes to make your form mobile responsive. You just need to check the checkbox to make it responsive. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/responsive-datapages/
  14. Hi @rush360, You can actually place these HTML blocks in another section. Then, add a rule that if the field is blank, then hide this section. Cheers!
  15. Hi @Leon13, You may remove the open and close symbol "<>" and insert "&nbsp;" instead.
  16. Hi @IamBlossom, What you can do about this is to add the "," before the result. You may try this one: SELECT ABC = STUFF((SELECT ', ' + CAST(Name AS nvarchar) FROM PE_USER_TABLE WHERE PE_ID = target.[@field:PE_ID] FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, '') I am also using the same formula and I am getting my desired output. Cheers!
  17. Hi @roattw, If you select a field in the table, Custom option will not be available. It is present in Totals and Aggregation if you click on the plus button. Also, picker button is not available in Pivot Table.
  18. Hi @roattw, Actually, you can use Pivot table to achieve your desired Report. You can use Totals and Aggregation under values and add custom formula. This will be the result Cheers! -LittleMsGinger
  19. Hi @LIU123, Your workflow might need Do While Loops in Triggered Actions. Triggered Actions allow data manipulation, calculations and sending notifications by constructing application logic with a visual interface. They will be executed on specified events to perform actions on data in your tables. Changes in one table can affect data in other tables. You may try the suggested solution here.
  20. Hi @TMCGINN1, You need to wrap the parameter in a single quote. For example '[@Virtual1]'. This way you will be able to use parameter in SQL query. You can also use HTML Block instead. -LittleMsGinger
  21. Hi @Yusuf, I suggest that you review this forum post: I tried this solution on my end and it works!
  22. Hi @Johnn, You can use FormSubmitted event handler. I saw it in the howto article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/ajax-loading/ <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('FormSubmitted', function(event) { alert('Submitted'); }); </script>
  23. Hi @IamBlossom, The type of formula field is equivalent to Text(64000). Text(64000) cannot be used in autocomplete, cascading, etc. Use this formula instead: CONVERT(NVARCHAR(255), [@field:First_name] + ' ' + [@field:Last_name])
  24. Hi @roattw, I tried the solution that was provided by @Vitalikssssss and it works as expected for me. Please make sure that you are using the correct field names.
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