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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from IamBlossom in Check if File Field is Blank   
    Hi @IamBlossom, 
    For File DataTypes, you need to use SQL's "DATALENGTH" to measure if the field has content or not. It is a behavior that NOT NULL or IS NULL will not work for File Datatype.
    Use this instead:
    CASE WHEN DATALENGTH([@field:Images]) = 0 THEN 'No image attached' ELSE 'Image available' END
    Hope this helps!
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Leon13 in Hide entire datapage when report has no records found   
    Hi @Leon13,
    You may remove the open and close symbol "<>" and insert "&nbsp;" instead. 

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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from roattw in Pivot Table: Calculated field option grayed out?   
    Hi @roattw,
    If you select a field in the table, Custom option will not be available. It is present in Totals and Aggregation if you click on the plus button. Also, picker button is not available in Pivot Table. 
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from roattw in Reminder email trigger - stuck   
    Hi @roattw,
    You can use #inserted in the Select From block instead of the Table (Patients_Encounters_Pre121219). If you use the Table itself, every time the Triggered Action runs, it will send an email to all records where Pending_Info is equal to "Y".
    You can refer to this video for more information:
    Happy Holidays!  
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from roattw in Basic totals? One row pivot table or show only aggregate totals?   
    Hi @roattw,
    Actually, you can use Pivot table to achieve your desired Report. 
    You can use Totals and Aggregation under values and add custom formula. 

    This will be the result

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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Yusuf in Change the background color of the rows (records) on a data page based the on date (past or future)   
    Hi @Yusuf,
    I suggest that you review this forum post: 
    I tried this solution on my end and it works!  
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Johnn in onsubmit not working   
    Hi @Johnn,
    You can use FormSubmitted event handler. I saw it in the howto article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/ajax-loading/
    <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('FormSubmitted', function(event) { alert('Submitted'); }); </script>  
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from ManokNaPula in Check date   
    Hi @wvantongeren,
    Just to give you an update regarding this, GetUTCDATE function is no longer supported in Calculated Values and Calculated Fields since the last Release 19.0. Use SysUTCDateTime() to get the UTC date. You may refer to this link for other impacted areas last release: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-19-0/19-0-impacted-areas/
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    LittleMsGinger reacted to TsiBiRu in Display a warning message and stop form submission   
    Hi @VA123,
    You can try to use my code below, I've created a Submission form with two text box. If you have inputted 'ABC' on the first text field and 'XYZ' on the second field it will throw an error message. Else the form will be submitted. This is the deployed URL so that you can see how it works.  https://c5eib829.caspio.com/dp/d90b6000106528eabab84e64b6ea

    This is the code that I've formulated, I think you can use the code below, you will just need to change the ID of my text box, to the ID of your fields in your DataPage.  
    <script> document.querySelector('#caspioform').onsubmit = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); input1 ="ABC"; // Just replace the ID of your fields in document.getElementById("ID of your field").value; var input1= document.getElementById("InsertRecordValue1").value; var input2= document.getElementById("InsertRecordValue2").value; if (input1 =="ABC" && input2 =="XYZ" ){ alert('You cannot have ABC in the first field, and XYZ in the second field'); } else { this.submit(); } } </script> I hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from QueenB in Change Language in DataPages   
    Hi @QueenB,
    By default, computer browsers has an ability to translate the language of the pages automatically. 
    One other possible solution is to create different DataPages for different Languages. Then, you will have an HTML block with a link inside that will redirect to the other DataPage based on the selected language.
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from jafranklin77 in Phone number Formatting   
    Hi @jafranklin77,
    I found another forum post that is quite similar to your inquiry. You can check it here: 
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from jafranklin77 in Phone number Formatting   
    Hi @jafranklin77,
    You may also check the solution provided in this link: 
    Hope this helps. 
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Becca37 in Delete Record After a Period of Time   
    Hi @Geekless,
    Just to give an update, we have a new feature which is Task. Tasks are operations that you can create in your application and run them manually or automatically based on a predefined schedule. 
    On your table, you must have an additional field and set the DataType to Timestamp. This should stamp on Update. 

    On your Tasks, the record will delete if Item is equal to "FFO" and Current date is equal to Item_Updated plus your XXXX days. Just like the screenshot below:

    You can run the task daily so it will check if the record meets the condition. For more information about Tasks, please refer to this link: https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Hencoco in Criteria precision on time alone   
    Hi @Hencoco,
    In order to extract the time from a Timestamp, you need to use a formula field and use functions like SELECT convert(varchar(8), getdate (), 108) . However, this will be converted as a String and you cannot filter the time with a String DataType. 
    What you can do is to get only the hour using this function: Datepart(hh,[@field:time]) It will return as an integer. 

    On your Reports DataPage, you can use that formula field as search criteria. You can set it to Dropdown then use custom Value. 

    For more information, you can check these links: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from bbeshlian in Build A Submission Form (DataPage) That Writes to Separate Tables   
    Hi @bbeshlian,
    If you want to submit data from a single submission form to two separate tables, Triggered Action is what you need. 
     You may refer to these links for more information about Triggered Actions: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from dmyoungsal in Tabular report colum widths   
    Hi @dmyoungsal,
    You can also change the width of your Tabular Report on the Style Tab.
    Edit the Style you are using for that DataPage.  Choose Table Layout under Results Page then look for Data Cells. Indicate the Cell width based on what you prefer.

    You can try to preview it to see the changes. 
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from dmyoungsal in Currency field   
    Hi @dmyoungsal,
    I understand that you want to display the field AmtPaid as currency on your DataPage. You can go to your Report DataPage > Configure Results Page Fields. 
    You can customize your field based on your desired display. However, you cannot change it on your submission form. 

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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Watusi in PageViewIncrement   
    Hello @Watusi,
    You cannot display the value of the field in Details Page if it is set to PageViewIncrement. However, you can insert a calculated field and pass the value to it. Just like this: 

    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Ricky1089 in hello everyone :))   
    Hi @Findid,
    I found a similar question to yours. You may refer to this post: 
    Hope this helps.
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from Role21 in Formula   
    Hi @Role21,
    Thank you for your response. You can concatenate fields using this formula. You need to convert the DataTypes of your fields to varchar using CAST  function. You can refer to this link: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/

    Hope this helps,
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    LittleMsGinger got a reaction from QueenB in Auto Display of Entry After Submission using a Pop-up Window.   
    Hi @QueenB,
    Just to clarify your inquiry, you want your reports page to be updated automatically after submitting an entry in a pop-up window without reloading? As of now, it is not yet possible with the current platform. The Ajax functionality inside Caspio operates when submission form and reports are on the same page. 
    You can check this forum thread and try this workaround instead.
    For your another question, you can change the location of your popup window by changing the values of the left and the top position. Provided below is a screenshot for your reference. 

    I hope it helps.
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