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  1. Hi @Elderberg, You can change the font of your HTML block under the HTML editor. You may refer to this screenshot: Then, choose the font that matches the font of your fields/labels, which you may see on your Styles: -JolliBeng
  2. Hi, You can also modify the Styles using Source Code, you just need to click the "Source" tab. -JolliBeng
  3. Hi All! I tried to consult this issue to Caspio Support Team. As per them, the issue is on SquareSpace. They said that the snippet should be disabled first to become editable. They provided me the following steps: You can disable the HTML Code by either adding "/safe" to the current URL or clicking "Disable Scripts in Preview” button in the bottom part of the editor. You can enable the Scripts again by clicking the “Enable Scripts in Preview” found in the bottom part of the editor. -JolliBeng
  4. Hi All, Additional info: Whenever your end users submit or retrieve data through your apps, data is transferred between Caspio’s servers and the user. The accumulation of data transferred in each interaction through apps, APIs, and import/export determines your monthly data transfer. Each package includes pre-allocated data transfer. If the data transfer limit for the month is approached, you will receive a courtesy email so that you can decide whether you want to add more data transfer as an add-on to save money. -JolliBeng
  5. Hi @Heather, That can easily be done in Totals and Aggregations. You need to add a "Total aggregate" field on a Search and Report DataPage and select "Formula" radio button and place the below code: SUM(CASE WHEN Company='Caspio' THEN Balance else 0 end) -JolliBeng
  6. Hi @Jess147, As far as I know, Up to 10,000 records can be updated from a Triggered Action event. -JolliBeng
  7. Hi @Role21, You can enable the Download options on your Report DataPage. Select Download as Excel. So, you can be able to download the data on your Calculated Fields. -JolliBeng
  8. JolliBeng


    Hi @Jess147, You can achieve that using Cascading Elements. First, you need to set your field1 as an AutoComplete field. Filter it by the field on your LookUp table and use Contains. Then, set your field2 as a Cascading Dropdown. I hope this helps. -JolliBeng
  9. Hi @Jess147, You can achieve that workflow using triggered actions. But first, the records that needs to be calculated should be saved on your table. I suggest that you use Formula fields for calculations or directly calculate it under your triggered actions. You may refer to the following links: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/data-types/formula-fields/ https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ -JolliBeng
  10. Hi @Jess147, You can easily change the color scheme of your chart values under your Styles. You may refer to this screenshot: -JolliBeng
  11. Hi @Role21, Yes, you can still follow the same steps except for number 5. For Update/Details pages, you need to follow the steps on this article on how to select multiple values: -JolliBeng
  12. Hi @Role21, Yes, that is possible. If you are using a Submission form, these are the steps that you need to follow: 1. Create a Look Up table that will store the values of your listbox. 2. On your Submission DataPage, set your field to be in a listbox form element. 3. Use a Look Up table as your data source on your listbox. 4. Add custom code to dynamically add options to your listbox. Please follow the steps on this link: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/automatically-add-options-to-dropdowns-and-listboxes/ 5. Make your field a multi-select listbox. Follow the steps here: -JolliBeng
  13. Hi, I also encountered this error before. Caspio Support advised me to export my table and re-import it as new table. Then, change the data source of tha DataPage to the newly imported table. And it worked. -Jollibeng
  14. Hi @Role21, Yes, that is possible. You may use the following formula to get the current time: select convert(nvarchar,CAST(getdate() as time),100) -JolliBeng
  15. Hi overhear, Caspio is an online database platform that allows our customers to build customized applications without the requirement of being a programmer or having a background in software development. The important objects that you need to be familiarized with are the following: DataPages - these are the various application interfaces that you create in Caspio and deploy to your application portal or website. Examples include web forms, reports, calendars, charts, and more. Some DataPages contain multiple screens, so a simple application may require no more than 3 to 5 DataPages. The limit of deployable DataPages depends on the Caspio plan that you avail. Tables - these are the ones that hold your data. You can create tables in the Tables area of your App. Data can be submitted into these tables using web forms or imported from external files, such as Excel. Tables can also be exported in various file formats and saved onto your computer. Also, tables only allows a maximum of 255 fields. Authentication - this is used to password-protect your DataPages. Formulas and Calculations - there are different ways on how to perform calculations in Caspio. Formula field - it calculates a value based on other fields in the same table. In the formula field, you create an expression that uses values from fields, constants, or functions. Calculated Values - it is a form element that generates dynamic calculations that automatically update as users interact with your form. Calculated Fields - it allow you to perform dynamic, per-record functions on results and details pages of a Report DataPage. Triggered Actions - allow data manipulation, calculations and sending notifications by constructing application logic with a visual interface. They will be executed on specified events to perform actions on data in your tables. I hope the information that I provided helps. -JolliBeng
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