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  1. JolliBeng

    Hint Box on Mouse Over Field Labels

    Hello ganaxi, I'm happy to tell you that you can now add rollover hints in Caspio without custom JS coding. You may refer to the this link. -JolliBeng
  2. Hi Andrew, It seems that you have the same question with Alison. Try to refer to this forum post for the answer:
  3. JolliBeng

    Column width and text wrapping

    Hello DavidOrtiz, You can change the width of the fields on your Results page on the Advanced Tab of Configure Results Page. And you can change the Field width of your Datapage on Styles. -JolliBeng
  4. JolliBeng

    Real Newbie with really dumb question.

    Hello Jetjouster, The data that you have entered on the submission form were automatically saved on the table that you set to be the data source of that DataPage, In our case, you are redirected to the same form after submission, but you can change the destination page after submission here: And you can also send an acknowledgement email. Just check Acknowledgement Email on the Automatic Email Options. And compose an email here: -JolliBeng
  5. JolliBeng

    Tailoring a Trigger to a Certain Field

    Hello kpcollier, If you want to copy all the updated data from EST_Table to Job_Table and delete the data that has a checked Bid_To-Job, you may use this: But if you only want to pass the values of the updated data from EST_Table to Job_Table without changing the status the Bid_To_Job on the Job_Table, you just need to remove it on your insert into statement like this: -JolliBeng
  6. JolliBeng

    Where do I Start?

    Hello enigma, The first step in creating a web-based application is to build a normalized table. To make sure that the tables are well-architected accordingly to the needs of your application, you can click the links below to view the presentations: Introduction to Table and Table Design Data Normalization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oexOYUUyQik One-to-Many Relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IstAk982ntA Many-to-Many Relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D8u6Lb2BKU You may also want to visit Caspio's Youtube Channel for the other video tutorials. -JolliBeng
  7. JolliBeng


    Hello Raurie, All text that appears on your DataPages can be translated into any language, or simply modified to your or your audience’s preferences through Localizations. The effect can be enhanced by converting time to your users’ time zone and formatting all values in accordance with standards accepted in your users’ country. You can create multiple Localizations in your account and apply each Localization to one or more DataPages. To have the same DataPage localized in more than one language and/or for more than one time zone and region, you need to make copies of the DataPage and apply different Localizations to each. -JolliBeng
  8. JolliBeng

    Default Values for Inline Insert

    Hello TroubleShooter, Please know that this can also be done using the standard features of Caspio. You can just create a separate Submission Form for adding comments. Caspio's AJAX feature nicely compliments this implementation. -JolliBeng
  9. JolliBeng

    Column width in results page

    Hello islanded, You can configure the width of the columns on your DataPage, go to Configure Results Page Fields, choose the field that you want to configure, then go to the Advanced tab. You can set the column width in Pixels or in Percent. -JolliBeng
  10. JolliBeng

    Hovered rows are given a background color

    Hello BjornSkifs, You can change the hover color of the odd and even row to transparent, if you don't want to have a colored background when you hover. You can change it in Styles>Results Page> Table Layout, then click Source. Look for .cbResultSetOddRow_hover and .cbResultSetEvenRow_hover. Set background-color: transparent if you want to remove the color, or change the color code to your desired color. -JolliBeng
  11. Hello aubreycohen, You can now calculate the total of one column using Totals and Aggregation. See this link for the details. -JolliBeng
  12. JolliBeng

    Advanced seaching

    Hello rmcginnis, You can now set Rules rules consisting of criteria and conditional actions on your forms. You may also refer to this link for the discussion of Conditional Forms. Hope this helps. -JolliBeng
  13. JolliBeng

    Hover text -- additional instructions for filling out forms.

    Hello SequenceSeller, To provide your app users with more detailed information for a specific form field or column header, you can add rollover hints to display instructional text next to a help icon. -JolliBeng
  14. JolliBeng

    Tailoring a Trigger to a Certain Field

    Hello kpcollier, Your Bid_To_Job field can be selected even if it is a Yes/No. I tried it on my end, and it worked. I think, your Job_Table_Example does not have a Bid_To_Job field, that's why you cannot select it. You can refer to this screenshot for the triggered actions: These are the tables that I used: . Hope this helps. -JolliBeng
  15. JolliBeng

    Set default photo

    Hello Role21, If you are using a Report DataPage, you can display a default photo for your field. You may want to refer to the link here and screenshot below. Hope this helps. -JolliBeng