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  1. JolliBeng


    Hi ! Just to add more information about the Calculated Values: As of Dec. 6, 2016, Calculated Values can use other Calculated Values in Submission Forms. You may want to check Caspio Bridge 16.0 to know more about the details about the current release. -JolliBeng
  2. Hi AnchovyXL, As far as I know, you cannot directly insert a formula field to another formula field. You need to copy the whole formula from your field 1 to field 2. -JolliBeng
  3. JolliBeng

    Radio button

    Hi Role21, You may add this CSS code on your DataPage Header: <style> input[type="radio"] + label { font-size: 16px !important; } </style> just change the font size to your desired size. -JolliBeng
  4. JolliBeng


    Hello Heather, You need to make the fields editable for them to be used in Rules. And you can add a custom code to disable the editing. You can add this code on your DataPage header: <style> input#EditRecordID { pointer-events: none !important; } </style> Just change "EditRecordID" to your field ID. -JolliBeng
  5. Hi Azriel, I found a similar post here:
  6. JolliBeng

    Web Form Wizard - Rules

    Hi CornCasper, I'm afraid that is not a Bug. It is a limitation of Rules that you cannot use the same field or section already used in another Action. -JolliBeng
  7. JolliBeng


    Hi JckDY, You can also add custom CSS codes on the your DataPage header/footer. -JolliBeng
  8. JolliBeng


    Hi Role21, Kristina is correct, you need to use "CAST" in your formula so you can convert your Data Type as a VARCHAR. If you do not convert that, the Data Types are still Integer, so the values add up. -JolliBeng
  9. JolliBeng

    How do I Count Data in Fields?

    Hi Role21, You can use this query for your aggregation: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) FROM table_name -JolliBeng
  10. JolliBeng

    How do I Count Data in Fields?

    Hi JckDY, You can add Aggregations for that and use a select count query on your formula: SELECT COUNT(columnname) FROM tablename WHERE columnname='John' Hope this helps! -JolliBeng
  11. JolliBeng

    Tracking of Stats Possible?

    Hi sabuilderguide, You can now monitor the activities of your authenticated users accessing your apps using the User Logs feature of Caspio. To access User Logs, click Tools as the menu bar of any screen and click User Logs. -JolliBeng
  12. JolliBeng

    How do I create a DP to edit user name registrations

    Hi ahollander, If you want to import data and overwrite the table, you can use the Replace Action upon Import. -JolliBeng
  13. JolliBeng

    star rating system function

    Hi, I have found a similar forum post regarding star rating app. You may find it here: Hope this helps! -JolliBeng
  14. JolliBeng

    Display File

    Hi Role21, You could embed a variety of documents in your details pages similar to the way you can embed an image. Is that what you are trying to do? If yes, you can refer to this article. -JolliBeng
  15. JolliBeng

    Data Usage Thoughts, Tools, Tactics

    Hi everyone! Just to update this post, Caspio now has a new set of plans. You can now have unmetered DataTransfer on Explore and higher plans. Explore plan costs $29. You can see here the other plans and pricing. -JolliBeng