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    JolliBeng got a reaction from aaronfreed in Hide 'Submit' button   
    You can also add the following code to hide the Submit button:
    <style> .cbSubmitButton { display: none !important; } </style>  
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Allison in Count number of occurances in a table line   
    Hi @PeterER8,
    Do you want to count only the number of cells that has 'Green' value per record? Is your expected output similar to the following?

    If yes, you can just use CASE-WHEN statements in your formula field that will check if the field has 'Green' value.
    (CASE WHEN [@field:Reason_1] = 'Green' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) + (CASE WHEN [@field:Reason_2] = 'Green' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) + (CASE WHEN [@field:Reason_3] = 'Green' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) + (CASE WHEN [@field:Reason_4] = 'Green' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)  
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from VManeno in Change data entered into form fields to Uppercase   
    You can also add a simple CSS code on your Style to enforce Uppercase in the input fields of your Submission form. You just need to follow these steps:
    Edit the Style that you are using. On the DataPage Elements, go to Form Details -> Fields Click Source tab, Look for .cbFormTextField and add this code:  
    text-transform: uppercase;
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from kpcollier in PDF Report Page   
    Just to add on @AtayBalunbalunan's comment, if you have a copy of your layout saved as a Word document, you can use the Paste from Word option on your HTML block. In that way, you'll be able to print the details with your desired layout.
    Here's a screenshot:

    Also, here's the DataPage I created using that workaround. Click this link.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Tigershroff in using caspio for job posting website   
    For future reference, you may check this video on how to build a Job Posting application:
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from yoinkadventures in Caspio and Squarespace - something went awry...   
    Hi All!
    I tried to consult this issue to Caspio Support Team. As per them, the issue is on SquareSpace. They said that the snippet should be disabled first to become editable. They provided me the following steps:
    You can disable the HTML Code by either adding  "/safe" to the current URL or  clicking "Disable Scripts in Preview”  button in the bottom part of the editor.
    You can enable the Scripts again by clicking the “Enable Scripts in Preview” found in the bottom part of the editor.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from SteveT in Adding more filters to results page possible?   
    Hi @SteveT,
    If you want to add filters, you can add search fields on your Search page and you can also set your form to have the search and results on the same page so you can see the filtered records right-away upon searching. Also, make sure that the logic that you are using is "AND".  You may refer to the screenshots below:

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    JolliBeng got a reaction from SonoftheSun in Get month name   
    Hi @Role21,
    Yes, there's a way to do that. You just need to use the following formula on your calculated field:
    (DATENAME(month, [@field:DATE])) -JolliBeng
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from JckDY in How to prevent a form to submit   
    Hi @telly,
    The solution that @SunakoChan provided is correct. You'll need JavaScript coding to prevent submission. For more details, you may also check this forum post:
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Jess147 in Input Time   
    Hi @Role21,
    Yes, Caspio does not have a time picker option. What you can do is separate the input fields for your date and time fields. That will require some javaScript, you may refer to this Tech Tip for more details.
    You may also check this sample Time Sheet Web Form.
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    JolliBeng reacted to CroixRonaldCoppge in Wanted To Share This Third Party Pdf Generator   
    Thanks for sharing...very helpful!
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from DefinitelyNot31337 in Submission   
    Hi @Role21,
    You can achieve that by deploying your report DataPage as an iFrame, then deploy it the footer of your Submission Form. Set the Destination of your Submission form to "Same Form" and disable the AJAX loading. The output should look like this:

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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Jess147 in Totals   
    Hi @Jess147,

    You can achieve that workflow using triggered actions. But first, the records that needs to be calculated should be saved on your table. I suggest that you use Formula fields for calculations or directly calculate it under your triggered actions.

    You may refer to the following links:



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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Harbinger in Exporting Data   
    Hi @Role21,
    You can enable the Download options on your Report DataPage. Select Download as Excel. So, you can be able to download the data on your Calculated Fields.

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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Jess147 in Submission   
    Hi @Jess147,
    You can achieve that using Cascading Elements.
    First, you need to  set your field1 as an AutoComplete field. Filter it by the field on your LookUp table and use Contains.

    Then, set your field2 as a Cascading Dropdown. 
    I hope this helps.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Jess147 in What should I know about Caspio's free account limitations?   
    Hi overhear,
    Caspio is an online database platform that allows our customers to build customized applications without the requirement of being a programmer or having a background in software development. 
    The important objects that you need to be familiarized with are the following:
    DataPages - these are the various application interfaces that you create in Caspio and deploy to your application portal or website. Examples include web forms, reports, calendars, charts, and more. Some DataPages contain multiple screens, so a simple application may require no more than 3 to 5 DataPages. The limit of deployable DataPages depends on the Caspio plan that you avail. 
    Tables -  these are the ones that hold your data. You can create tables in the Tables area of your App. Data can be submitted into these tables using web forms or imported from external files, such as Excel. Tables can also be exported in various file formats and saved onto your computer. Also, tables only allows a maximum of 255 fields. 
    Authentication - this is used to password-protect your DataPages. 
    Formulas and Calculations - there are different ways on how to perform calculations in Caspio. Formula field - it calculates a value based on other fields in the same table. In the formula field, you create an expression that uses values from fields, constants, or functions. Calculated Values - it is a form element that generates dynamic calculations that automatically update as users interact with your form. Calculated Fields - it allow you to perform dynamic, per-record functions on results and details pages of a Report DataPage. Triggered Actions - allow data manipulation, calculations and sending notifications by constructing application logic with a visual interface. They will be executed on specified events to perform actions on data in your tables.
    I hope the information that I provided helps.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from kpcollier in Text Field   
    Hi Role21,
    Yes, you can do that. 
    You can add this code on your DataPage header:
    input#EditRecordID {
    pointer-events: none !important;
    Just change "EditRecordID" to your field ID.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from AtayBalunbalunan in Change color header   
    Hi @Role21,
    You can try to add the following code on the header of your DataPage
    <style> [class*=cbResultSetHeaderCell]:nth-child(2) { background: white !important; } </style> Just change the number inside nth-child(2) to the number of your column and background : white to your preferred color/color code.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Harbinger in dropdown and radio button   
    Hi Jess147,
    You can try to have a dropdown for your dish field and a Cascading radio button for your restaurant field.
    You may refer to the screenshot below:

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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Jess147 in Compute   
    Hi Jess147,
    You can create a Calculated Value for that.
    You can try the following formula:
    [@field:Amount_Paid] = 1 THEN 5
    [@field:Amount_Paid] = 2 THEN 20
    [@field:Amount_Paid] = 3 THEN 35 
    You just need to change the field name.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from SunakoChan in Change colors   
    Hi JckDY,
    Yes, it is possible. You may try this solution:
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from JckDY in Limit   
    Hi JckDY, 
    I think the maximum number of Calculated fields that you may have on your Results page is 50.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from JckDY in Limit   
    Yes, there is a length limit of 10,000.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from Role21 in Formula   
    Hi Role21,
    Kristina is correct, you need to use "CAST" in your formula so you can convert your Data Type  as a VARCHAR.
    If you do not convert that, the Data Types are still Integer, so the values add up.
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    JolliBeng got a reaction from JckDY in Calculation   
    Hi Everyone!
    You can now have Calculated Values on your Web Forms. It is similar to Formula Fields and Calculated Fields, you can construct the calculation using functions, logic, constants, values from other fields and SQL expressions.
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