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  1. Hello Everyone, Basically, I have a DataPage that let the users evaluate themselves by choosing a statement that best describes how they performed the task. Each statement have different point values. These values will be received in the fields. One value in each field. The score will be the sum of those values. As the formula I use now in my tabular DataPage, If a user is performing the task 5 times, and the scores are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 - the displayed score will be 250. How should the formula look like to display only the last score, in this case 70? Depending on the user who just logged-in. This is the formula I currently use: IsNull((SELECT (SUM(EvalA)+SUM(EvalB)+SUM(EvalC)+SUM(EvalD)) FROM TABLE_EVAL WHERE USERS = '[@authfield:User_ID]'),0) Thank you in advance
  2. @WatashiwaJin, I also have a similar condition or process for this kind of work-flow but the problem is the output will also depend on the type of user based on my authentication. (For example: If the user is an Employee, I need to hide the record of Inquiry_Type field with a vlaue of "only admin"). Note: I use a Search and Report form (Tabular). I hope you help me with this. Thank you in-advance !
  3. Hi @FinTheHuman, WatashiwaJin provided was helpful, but what I suggest is to use a formula instead. You can try to use this formula code: [@field:Grade_ID] + Space(1) + [@field:Descript] + Space(1) + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), [@field:Date_Recieved], 101) Let me know if you have further question about this. -IamGroot
  4. Hi @FinTheHuman, I found a similar Forum post, check this out: In this process, they are using a Calendar DataPage. Regards, IamGroot
  5. Hi @Scott17, Are you sure? cause it was working in my end. Did you put the code in the Footer? And make sue that the "Enable HTML Editor" is unchecked in advance option.
  6. Hello @Scott17, This is my method on getting the ID of the fields or in your case the button. Just follow these steps: For your case, click the button to get the ID. And after that insert the ID to the code. Try and test it and that should be fine
  7. Hi @Scott17, You can try and use this code instead: Just change the "SubmitButtonId" to the ID of your Submit button. I hope this helps you
  8. Hello @WatashiwaJin, Just wanted to let you know that I also experience that kind of issue before, and when I ask Caspio support they informed me that importing or exporting table(s) with List Data-Type values will not be included because they said that this issue is one of the current Caspio’s limitation. Regards, IamGroot
  9. Your welcome @Perzival, I'm glad and happy that I helped you with that
  10. Hi @Perzival, You can create another DataPage and add HTML Block with the linked of the user confirmation, here some sample code for pop-up form: For you to better understand the process, you can go through Caspio's How-to: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/add-an-option-to-a-public-facing-dropdown/ https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-add-a-required-i-agree-option-to-your-form/ I hope this helps you
  11. Thank you @Scott17 I will look up to it, and get back to you as soon as I found a resolution
  12. Hi @Scott17, Your welcome ! I would love to help you, but first can you provide the steps in this process (for example: When user logs he needs to see this Data -> when he click the link in the result he needs to go to this DataPage -> the next DataPage should received the paramameter ..... and so on). And for me to better understand the problem, Can I also ask for the DataPage URL or WebPage? Thanks.
  13. Hi @Scott17 I have found another solution for this issue without using any JavaScript code. And this is the easiest one by using only the Standard features of Caspio. Just follow this following steps: 1. Create a Formula field to your User table. 2. Insert this code to the formula field: 3. In your DataPage, include the formula field in your "Result's Page" and select URL link in "Render value as". You can also change the label display of the link by checking the "Enable custom display". 4. Hit "Finish" and test it. I hope this helps
  14. Hi @Scott17 Sorry I made a miscalculation, because I tested it with single record so I thought that it was working. My initial assumption is we need to add a JavaScript LOOP code for it. Let me get back to you as soon as I get the right code to it. Thanks !
  15. Hello @Scott17 Try this code for your Hyperlink in HTML Block: <div id="link"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { if ("[@authfield:Users_tbl_Role]" == "Manager") { document.getElementById("link").innerHTML='<a href="https://website.com/manager-portal">Manager Portal</a>'; } else{ document.getElementById("link").innerHTML='<a href="https://website.com/regular-portal">Regular Portal</a>';} }); </script> I hope this helps.
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