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  1. Andrew, Thanks for the reply. I am using Search and Reports - Tabular DataPage
  2. Is there anybody who have an idea or have tried to use the Bootstrap class in Caspio? What I am trying is, I would like to use the Bootstrap class to style my table. Example: Bootstrap Class is: <table table-dark> I need to apply to Caspio's: .cbTable.cbTable
  3. Oh what a rookie mistake. Thanks again mate!
  4. I see. Thanks mate. I also wanted to ask, I recently had an issue with one of my formula from the table. All other formula fields have been working fine. This only started happening when I added the "Agent First Advance" field. Here's the formula: CASE WHEN [@field:Agent_LOA_Advance_Type] is null OR [@field:Product] != 'MAPD' AND [@field:Product] != 'PDP' THEN ([@field:Premium]*[@field:Agent_Advance_Amount])*[@field:Agent_Commission_Percentage] END
  5. Hello @Harbinger have you tested this out?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'll try this. I have another question, are subqueries possible as well?
  7. I am thinking if it's possible to use join inside a calculated field. If it is, how? An example would be appreciated.
  8. I am thinking of adding a link for my authentication. What I want is when the user is trying to log in and was not able to, I'd like to prompt an error message and a reset pass link.
  9. What do you mean by to associate? do you want to have like a lookup field to the other table?
  10. This helps, but I am not fluent in JS, perhaps you can give me an idea on how to integrate regular expression with my form?
  11. I am looking to implement a simple validation on my form. I would like my user to not submit any numeric value in my submission form.
  12. You're awesome, it did now worked! One more thing, if I wanted to have the same style applied to all my pages do I have to include this code to each DataPages? Perhaps there is another way? Thanks!
  13. Hi @Harbinger For some reason, this code is not working on my end and shows up in my DataPage. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello, I want to add a characteristic to my data in my search and report. I want to like highlight a row when the user hovers his cursor to that row to indicate the selected data set. I know that it is possible but not really sure how to do it. I appreciate any help.
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