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  1. Andrew, Thanks for the reply. I am using Search and Reports - Tabular DataPage
  2. Is there anybody who have an idea or have tried to use the Bootstrap class in Caspio? What I am trying is, I would like to use the Bootstrap class to style my table. Example: Bootstrap Class is: <table table-dark> I need to apply to Caspio's: .cbTable.cbTable
  3. Oh what a rookie mistake. Thanks again mate!
  4. I see. Thanks mate. I also wanted to ask, I recently had an issue with one of my formula from the table. All other formula fields have been working fine. This only started happening when I added the "Agent First Advance" field. Here's the formula: CASE WHEN [@field:Agent_LOA_Advance_Type] is null OR [@field:Product] != 'MAPD' AND [@field:Product] != 'PDP' THEN ([@field:Premium]*[@field:Agent_Advance_Amount])*[@field:Agent_Commission_Percentage] END
  5. Hello @Harbinger have you tested this out?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'll try this. I have another question, are subqueries possible as well?
  7. I am thinking if it's possible to use join inside a calculated field. If it is, how? An example would be appreciated.
  8. I am thinking of adding a link for my authentication. What I want is when the user is trying to log in and was not able to, I'd like to prompt an error message and a reset pass link.
  9. What do you mean by to associate? do you want to have like a lookup field to the other table?
  10. This helps, but I am not fluent in JS, perhaps you can give me an idea on how to integrate regular expression with my form?
  11. I am looking to implement a simple validation on my form. I would like my user to not submit any numeric value in my submission form.
  12. You're awesome, it did now worked! One more thing, if I wanted to have the same style applied to all my pages do I have to include this code to each DataPages? Perhaps there is another way? Thanks!
  13. Hi @Harbinger For some reason, this code is not working on my end and shows up in my DataPage. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello, I want to add a characteristic to my data in my search and report. I want to like highlight a row when the user hovers his cursor to that row to indicate the selected data set. I know that it is possible but not really sure how to do it. I appreciate any help.
  15. Perzival

    MS Plugin

    I integrated my Access DB in Caspio. I'm having an error message that state "Profile is disabled" in my access Database. Can you help?
  16. Hello Deemuss, It is possible to manually modify the Styles, but you may need to use the development tools to do that. So once you've deployed your DataPage in WordPress, you can publish and inspect the element you need to modify then apply the CSS. You may paste the code inside the HTML block or header/footer with HTML editor disabled inside that particular DataPage. Perhaps there are better ways to do this, I would also like to know.
  17. It worked! I thought it would be more complex.. Thanks.
  18. I have a DataPage which passes parameter to a new DataPage. Then the parameter will filter all the records that has the same value. Now, I wanted to have a total of those listed in that list. I was told to use an SQL. I tried this: SELECT COUNT(Item_ID) FROM ORDER_table But it is returning me the whole count of my Item_ID Any ideas?
  19. Hi all, I have a submission form that will send a parameter to a new submission form. Both fields has a number Data type. I was able to pass the parameter successfully but I wanted to show the value as a dollar currency. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi @Harbinger I think it is possible too. I am using a submission form, any thoughts?
  21. Hello, I was thinking to change all the color of my labels to blue. How can I do this?
  22. It worked! I should've checked the online help center thou. Thank you @Harbinger for your help!
  23. Where should I insert the code? Thanks!
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