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  1. Thanks, @Tubby! So, in my case, it is because the email field is not included in my results page.
  2. Hello - I cannot enable the inline insert in my tabular datapage but I can enable the other options. Why is that?
  3. Hi @SinJunYoung, the email contains short plain text only, no special elements. I'm just wondering why it takes hours for it to be received?
  4. Hi, I would like to have a functionality that requires my users to change their password on their first time logging in to my app. Can this easily be implement?
  5. Hello, some of the notification emails sent from my Caspio app are being delayed. Do you know what might be causing it?
  6. Hello @TellMeWhy, will this also work if my parameter has special characters included?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to use Totals and Aggregations to calculate the total of the records. But I want to have a condition. For example, IF the 'Company' is equal to 'Caspio' that it would total the contents of the 'Balance' column.
  8. Heather


    Hi! I'm using rules. I see that when the form element of the field is "Display Only", it cannot be used in Rules. I want to hide section AB when field A is blank but I don't want field A to be editable. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  9. Heather

    Hide results

    Thank you for answering my question! I tried both of the solutions that you provided. When I tried AnchovyXL's solution, it worked fine but I don't want to display the warning message "Required" upon the first loading of my page. Same as kristina's solution, there's a "no records found" message upon loading. How can I do that without displaying "no records found" or "Required"? Thanks in advance!
  10. Heather

    Hide results

    Hello! How can I hide the search results while not searching anything?
  11. I also tried the code, it really works! Thanks Harbinger!
  12. Heather

    Bulk Edit

    I see. Thanks!
  13. Heather

    Bulk Edit

    Hello everyone! I have multiple pages on my DataPage. I'm trying to select multiple items in a report for bulk edit, but when I click the "next page" arrow, my previous selection is lost. How can I bulk edit data from different pages? Can someone help me? Thanks in Advance! ~Heather
  14. Hi everyone! Is it possible to resize the textbox of an Inline Edit on a Tabular DataPage? The fields on the DataPage that I am working on are too long, but the values that to be inserted are just 2-digit numbers. I want to shorten the length of the textbox. How will I do that? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone! I'm trying to create a simple test/quiz in Caspio but I want it to have a time limit. Is it possible? Thanks!
  16. Hi Casey! Why do you need to set the default contents of a text field using a calculated value? You can set a default value using the text field itself. Just go to the Configure Fields of your text form, then select the text field that you want. Then, go to the Advanced Tab, check the Receive value or parameter. Select Default Value on the dropdown, then enter the message that you want to display. You may refer to this screenshot: I hope this helps. ~Heather
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