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    Heather got a reaction from Tubby in Inline Insert is grayed out   
    Thanks, @Tubby! So, in my case, it is because the email field is not included in my results page. 
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    Heather got a reaction from Harbinger in Passing Parameter   
    I also tried the code, it really works!
    Thanks Harbinger! 
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    Heather reacted to JolliBeng in Updating Deployment codes - Application wide Caspio site - intergration URL   
    Hi Corpcat,
    You can just redeploy your DataPages, new deployment codes with the updated Caspio Site URL will be generated.
    And for the passing of parameters, the process is still the same. It should look like this:
    <iframe frameborder=0 style="width:100%; height:700px" name="Document_Entry Web Form_New" title="Document_Entry Web Form_New" src="https://c0eib342.caspio.com/dp/aabb20003c459fa6fab94c8dbe01?Grace_Bar_Code=[@Grace_Barcode_No]&Recal_Box_No=[@Recal_Box_No]">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe>
    Hope this helps.
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