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  1. QueenB

    Task Reminder

    Is there any way to create reminder task from Caspio? Just like for example, user enter the task description and reminder of specific time they want to receive the reminder, such as daily,weekly, fortnightly or monthly (can be enabled repeat). Once it submitted in the form customer will receive a reminder email based on that reminder time including task description. How can I do that?
  2. I'm looking for any possible way on how to let users to switch Language in my DataPages. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Is it possible when you have a file attached in a tabular report to just view it instead of clicking it and it automatically downloads? Thanks.
  4. QueenB

    Print Button

    Is there an easy way to add a print button to a results page from a search and report DataPage? What about formatting the result for a label? Use a view?
  5. In my Reports DataPage, I have a calculated field which determines if the record is Active or Inactive. I want to use this as one of my criteria in the search form. How can I do so?
  6. Hi! I have a gallery report datapage, I want to change the width of the labels. The space between the labels and the data is too narrow. I have an idea that I should make some modifications in the style, but I'm having a hard time to look for it. Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi! I have a submission form which is a pop-up window. After submission, I want my entry to be added and displayed automatically in my reports page without reloading. Can anyone know how to do it? Also, I want my submission form to pop-up at the center. Thanks in advance.
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