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  1. HampasLOUpa

    Using a View for a dropdown lookup

    Hi, I think you have configured the dropdown to display the employee id instead of the name. For the below example, I set the "Field for display" the exact field that I want to see in the dropdown menu. In your case, check what field did you set for display. If you set the employee id as the field for display, then simply change it to the employee name field. I hope this helps. Thank you!
  2. Hi, You may want to see this video tutorial about RLS. I think this might help you.
  3. HampasLOUpa

    Datapage Display

    Hi, Selecting the " Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria" will give you the option to automatically display report data based on your pre-defined value. For example, you can use paramater value as your criteria, or filter using definite values. Please refer to this link for more information: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/tech-tip-custom-filter-elements/
  4. HampasLOUpa

    use of Caspio

    In addition to what TWIRED said, you also would need the following: General HTML Knowledge - There will definitely a time where you will need to create your own tables, do hyperlinks etc. In depth knowledge about Database - Caspio is technically an Online Database Application Platform so a strong and working (not theoretical) knowledge about Database would be ideal. Ability to learn - Well Caspio is like new way of developing, so best get someone who can easily learn. Most importantly - PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. - Caspio will require all it's users to be patient with everything. Well at least from my experience, that's about everything you will need.
  5. HampasLOUpa

    File Types

    Hi, You can upload most type of files such as documents, spreadsheet and images and most especially the most common sql file formats . You can also upload videos and music but can't be played. Since I think they don't have a player for that. These medias are treated as general files. Hope this helps.
  6. HampasLOUpa

    Can you convert a Formula field to a Date/Time field

    Well as for me. It worked. I was able to use the date to filter my report. My date is also a formula field. I also used "Full Name" field which is also a formula field. You can use Calculated field though. Hope this helps.
  7. HampasLOUpa

    Automatic Email When Field Condition Met

    Hi, If you want this to happen in a DataPage level, you will need to write a several codes for that. It's possible but kinda tricky. Some can be complicated though, so if you're not a hardcore web developer/programmer, you will definitely have hard times figuring it out (but if you wan to try you can see these links though: https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/785941/How-to-send-email-in-HTML-using-javascript , https://www.smtpjs.com/ , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48283396/sending-email-from-javascript-with-smtp-server , try also googling other links/tutorials). There is another way to do that.It's a bit different to what you want but I think I will do. As I was exploring Caspio Bridge, I saw this Triggered Action functionality. It works in the Table/Database level. When there is an activity in your Table, say you updated a value of a field, you can select several options like send SMS, Email or even populate another table. This is also a bit tricky to configure but as per my experience, Caspio offers wide range of support, How-To, video tutorials and Online Training. Try these links : https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ Hope this helps. Thanks.
  8. Is there a way to change these data types without having to start all over again? This bugs me so thank you for any answer.
  9. HampasLOUpa

    Datapage logic

    is it possible to put multiple values in a logic? I want to select all the records that are Criteria1 , Criteria2 ,Criteria3 and Criteria4.