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  1. AnchovyXL

    Share table to my other app

    Hi, You can share objects in Caspio such as tables, lookup tables and views. To do so, simple use them as Data Source/s in your other application and they will definitely be included in the resources of that particular app. Thanks.
  2. AnchovyXL


    Hi, You must have a table that stores the birthdays to create a Calendar for birthdays, Then, use that table as the source. Select the filed that corresponds to the Birthdate. Also, please refer to this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/calendars/ Hope this helps.
  3. AnchovyXL

    Multi-select dropdown

    Hi, I think this issue has been resolved as I am now able to use "Select All" option in a Multi-Select Dropdown.
  4. AnchovyXL

    Web Form Wizard - Rules

    Yeah, that's correct. If you happen to have chosen a field already in say Rule 1, then you will not be able to use that same field again in Rule. I would suggest that you maximize your rules. For example if you have multiple criteria that deals with the same field, it's best to include all the criteria in one rule. Just like this: Hope this helps. Thanks!
  5. AnchovyXL

    Hide results

    Hi, If you are using "Display search form above results" in your Report DataPage, you can hide the initial results just by making the filtering fields required. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  6. AnchovyXL

    Database Reindexing

    Hi, I've contacted support about this and they told me that it is not yet possible in Caspio. However, they gave me this link on how to optimize the performance of you application: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/best-practices-in-creating-caspio-applications/ I hope this helps. Thanks.
  7. AnchovyXL

    Filter dropdown based on criteria.

    In addition to that, you can just create a new page for admin use only. This is much better option since admin pages are not usually being filtered and they have access to everything. It is also a common development practice to create a separate page for admin. Thanks.
  8. AnchovyXL

    Filter dropdown based on criteria.

    You can duplicate the field then hide the extra dropdown by using rules (https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/). It will look like this: If role is not admin then hide admin dropdown; if the role is admin then show the admin dropdown and hide the other dropdowns. Hope it helps. Thanks.
  9. Hi, In addition, authentication fields are usually the fields that are unique to your users. The common Authentication Fields are usernames and emails. They can be any fields actually, as long as you set them as unique. Thanks!
  10. AnchovyXL

    Event registration

    Hi, I found a cool tech tips about that: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-limit-the-number-of-submissions/ Works for me. Hope it will to you too. Thanks!
  11. AnchovyXL

    Cannot get a Virtual Field to filter results correctly

    Hi, If I have understood you correctly, you are trying to filter the results page by employer. Since the Employer Field is not included in the Appointment table, I suggest your create a view that combines the Appointment table and the Table that has the Employer Field on it. You should have a field that links the two tables in order to accomplish this. After that, use the view as the Data Source of your report. I hope this helps. Thanks!
  12. AnchovyXL

    Views vs. Tables and other questions

    Hi, I highly suggest that you attend Caspio Live Trainings. There you can learn the basics of Caspio Bridge and some information about databases. You may select a training session here: https://www.caspio.com/training/ In addition to the answers above, tables are the objects that will store the data you collected while a view is like a virtual table. Views are basically a result of a Select and Join statements and are created by combining two connected/related tables. When to use a table and view? You can use tables when you are collecting and updating data thru forms while you can use views to show the data that you collected in your reports and/or filter your users through authentications. There are vast other uses for both of these objects you may want to search the internet for more information. Hope this helps. Thank you!
  13. AnchovyXL

    Joining two old, big tables

    Hi, I just want to add something about joining tables. Joining huge tables (both with millions of rows of records) together is not performance wise as it will definitely slow the retrieval. The delays are most specially often when you are filtering the records in that view. Just a friendly reminder. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  14. AnchovyXL

    Popup problem

    Hi, If you want to have a description of the fields, you may want to use "Hints" instead.
  15. AnchovyXL

    How do add Multiple Follow Up Dates

    Hi McClay, Yes, it can be done. Just go to the table where the follow up date field is located and add another field say "Follow_Up_Date_2" and so on depending on how many follow up dates you want to have. Then configure the DataPage so that the newly added fields for follow up will be displayed accordingly. Hope this helps. Thank you!