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  1. Does anyone know how to conditionally suppress the displaying of an entire datapage? We have a lab report that consists of 7 deployed datapages and 3 of these are report datapages. To keep the overall lab report as short as possible, if the datapage has no records found, I'd like to have it hidden (or even suppressed totally) from my webpage. I have seen the posts on hiding a chart or map when no records found, but neither of these seem to apply as the data table is already hidden. My report datapages each have headers/footers that need to be hidden as well. Thanks, T3NN3SS33
  2. Thanks for responding douvega. I got this working a couple of weeks ago and didn't think about closing this up. Cheers, T3NN3SS33
  3. Recently the Caspio staff helped me set up a legacy form submission directly to Caspio via the API and during this setup I noticed in the Swagger UI that you can trigger a datahub call set up in scheduled tasks using the API. Has anyone done this and do you have an example of the PHP or JS? Modifying the post function (PHP in my case) from my form submission to handle the triggering of the task is not working and I am beginning to wonder if this situation has some sort of unique condition that has to be met since I am only trying to trigger the datahub, and not actually submitting or calling up data from a table. I know where to find the API docs, so no need to point me there, T3NN3SS33
  4. Thanks @DN31337 and @MayMusic. The issue was related to a couple of errors - the single quotes around compared text strings and also the missing "target." in my statement. Thanks for answering this - I had given up on it back in October Cheers, T3NN3SS33
  5. I am attempting to apply record level security to several calculation fields and I am receiving an error telling me the column from my user table is invalid. I have given some details below, hopefully someone will quickly see my error and get me back on track! This query works well but is not authenticated by user……. IsNull((SELECT COUNT([@field:specimen_ID]) FROM MDx_tbl_specimen WHERE [@field:spec_received] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_released] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_batch_deact_2] = 'true' ),0) This query works but is limited to one user. I only tested this one because I wanted to see where things break down. IsNull((SELECT COUNT([@field:specimen_ID]) FROM MDx_tbl_specimen WHERE [@field:spec_received] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_released] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_batch_deact_2] = 'true' AND [@field:MDx_tbl_specimen_spec_acct_ID] = '1234' ),0) This is the query I need that gives me RLS based on matching ACCT ID field from both user and records of interest – Caspio says it is invalid and gives an error (Invalid Column Name '@authfield:MDx_tbl_users_user_account_ID' . IsNull((SELECT COUNT([@field:specimen_ID]) FROM MDx_tbl_specimen WHERE [@field:spec_received] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_released] = 'false' AND [@field:spec_batch_deact_2] = 'true' AND [@field:MDx_tbl_specimen_spec_acct_ID] = [@authfield:MDx_tbl_users_user_account_ID] ),0)
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