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  1. Hi - I need to use a font "Poiret One" one of my DataPage, I tried to set the style inside the header and add !important, but no luck. Here is my screenshot of the DataPage Also is the font that I wanted: Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi- Is it possible to logout the user and redirect it to the login page after submitting a record? Example|: User logged in, then submit a record and it will redirect it to login page.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to adjust the Grid edit (spreadsheet style) "box"? Because I keep on scrolling to the left so that I can input characters in to the field.
  4. Hi - I have 20 List Data Type in my table and I would like to display it in the Data Page, but I was not able to add more that 15 list Data type . Can I add more than 15 list Data type in DataPage?
  5. Hi @SunakoChan- Thank you so much, is it possible to get only the month or year of the birthday field?
  6. Hi - I need help on combine my Date and auto-number field in my formula. I have this formula: [@field:Birthday] + [@field:Age], and it is just adding the age to date. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi - I want to stop form submission if certain criteria is not met, is this possible?
  8. Hi @SunakoChan- Thank you for that, but can you provide me also the style of the Submission button?
  9. Hi -Need help to align my button Choose Again and Submit Button:
  10. I can't seems to get this work: Datediff(year,[@field:First_Employment],GetUTCDate())
  11. What formula can I use to merge the letters with the field? Sample: (User+[@field:UserID]) My field Data Type is Number, thanks in advance.
  12. Hi @SunakoChan, It can be done with that, but I want to add a button then when I or the user click. Then the value will duplicate or copy to another fields. Thanks in advance.
  13. Could you help me figure on how to copy the data to another fields? Example: field a = field b and field c
  14. Hi - tried this on my details configuration of the Tabular report and it didn't center, can you help me with that?
  15. Hi- I just want to know if it is possible to center the DetailsPage Thanks in advance.
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