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  1. Hi Team, May I know how to change the color of specific label? For example I have 3 field and I want to set the first to blue then the second to Red then the last will be Yellow. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Team ! I have two Date/time fields and I want to create a filter where I will only use two fields to filter the Dates and use Date range filtering. I'm struggling to implement this, may you please assist?
  3. Hi , I'm having trouble on resizing the image in the trigger action, I was able to resize the image but when I receive the email, the image did not adjust. below s the code of the image size: <img alt="" src="IMAGE URL" style="width: 150px; height: 26px;" /><br /> The image is resize when I'm receiving it to Gmail or Yahoo, but in the Outlook I'm encountering the issue.
  4. Hi Team, Is it possible to filter the report DataPage using google authentication(Caspio & ID Services)? For example I only want the user admin to be able to login using google authentication or standard field in the login. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi Team, It is possible format the output result page fields to have a grid just like a table in Excel? Thank you in advance
  6. Hi @WatashiwaJin, For limiting the minimum Character, you just need to change the value of min to 8: If the value is less than the min character it will show a message and it will not allow you to submit the value:
  7. Hi Team, May you please help me to remove the white glow in the percentage? Thank you in advance.
  8. How to change the sequence of the record from Sunday - Saturday to Monday- Sunday in Chart.
  9. I'm trying to change the background color of the Submission form DataPage and also the Buttons, is it possible to configure this in the style?
  10. Hi Team, I'm try to display a image if the other field has value if not hide, I'm trying this in a tabular report. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi - I want to hide the message 'No record found ' and the header of the DataPage.
  12. Hi - I wanted to know if it is possible to adjust the height of the Dropdown and the options inside.
  13. Hi @Telly, I suppose that you are using Date/Time field. Since it is a Data/time field you have to convert the Field in to text after that use substring for the month, you may use this formula below: CONVERT(VARCHAR, (SUBSTRING('JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC ', ((Datepart(month, [@field: DATEFIELD])) * 4) - 3, 3))) + ' -' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, (Datepart(day, [@field: DATEFIELD))) + ' - ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, (Datepart(year, [@field: DATEFIELD]))) I hope this helps.
  14. Hi @DaleW - have you tried to change the color in the style. Just go to style > Chart > Values. I hope this helps
  15. Hi @Elderberg, Upon check this with my end it seems that it is working properly, you may check the behavior on this link: https://c0dcv045.caspio.com/dp/aa4a60001bbdd474c93346849048. Try to clear your cache or use other browser and try access it on Deployed DataPage URL. I hope this helps.
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