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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Trigger and Zapier   
    Yes, records inserted via Zapier will execute trigger.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in How are DataHub calls calculated?    
    One scheduled task run (successful or failed) is equal to one DataHub call, regardless of the number of tables the scheduled task contains.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Emails Daily Limit   
    When daily email limit is reached, you will see a message in your Messages tab informing about this. Below is an example.

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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Hide Table except “Download Data” button   
    You may try adding an HTML Block with the following.
    <style> table[class^="cbResultSetTable"] { display: none !important; } <style>  
    Please disable HTML editor first.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Run Task every 15 minutes   
    You can have 4 similar Tasks running on an hourly basis starting from 12:00 AM, 12:15 AM, 12:30 AM and 12:45 AM accordingly. With this, the operations in your Task will automatically run on an interval of 15 minutes.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Set Date to Null or Empty   
    One solution to this is using a Calculated Value as the form element with this formula: CAST(null as datetime)
    If you wish to hide this field, you may use HTML Blocks: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-hide-fields-in-datapages/
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Initiate trigger via REST API   
    Yes, records inserted and updated through REST API execute triggered actions.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Embed audio   
    You may try the <audio> element. You can use this in an HTML Block using the File field (audio file) as the source.
    Please take note of the supported browsers and audio format in the given link.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Designated entry page in Authentication’s settings   
    No, it is not. “Designated entry page” is a destination to redirect all non-authenticated users. 
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Summary Lookup   
    Hi Watusi, I have a few summary lookup tables in one of my application that was generated upon my confirmation.  When creating a lookup dropdown based on a large table, Caspio recommends generating a Summary Lookup Table to improve performance. You can find this information in this blog post. 
    Summary Lookups are optimized tables containing a static list of the field values automatically filtered for duplicates. 
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    Watusi reacted to Barbie in Dropdown value   
    Hi @Batchini,
    You can put this &nbsp; on your Display and remove the Value of it.It will now give you a blank value in your drop down option. &nbsp; is an HTML character for a non-breaking space. It's purpose is so that the words won't be broken into two lines by "word-wrap". Since it does that, HTML renders it as a space.
    Hope this helps.

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    Watusi reacted to Barbie in Hide Search button   
    Hi Watusi,

    You can try to paste this code in your header instead:
    <style> input[class*="cbSearchButton"]{ display:none !important; } </style> I hope this works for you.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in How to search on lookup table value in a tabular report   
    Just to add, you may also use the AutoComplete form element and configure it with the below settings.

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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Checkbox that will select all items in a multi-select listbox   
    You can use the code below as a reference.
    <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var c_checkbox = document.getElementById("selectAll") ; var elementID = event.detail.uniqueSuffix; function c_event () { if (c_checkbox.checked) { var listBox = document.getElementById('Value1_1' + elementID); for (i = 0; i < listBox.options.length; i++) listBox.options[i].selected = true; } else { var listBox = document.getElementById('Value1_1' + elementID); for (i = 0; i < listBox.options.length; i++) listBox.options[i].selected = false; } } c_checkbox.onclick = c_event; }); </script>  
    Add this in your search's footer with the HTML editor being disabled. Just make the necessary changes for your form elements' ID attribute. You may use this guide for that.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Automatically copy value from text field to password field   
    You may try the code below in your DataPage's footer. Please disable first the HTML editor.
    <script> var username = document.getElementById("InsertRecordUsername"); username.addEventListener("keyup", myFunction, true); function myFunction() { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPassword").value = document.getElementById("InsertRecordUsername").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordPassword@Confirm").value = document.getElementById("InsertRecordUsername").value; } </script>  
    Just change the ID attribute value based on your field names. Please refer to this guide for referencing Caspio Form Elements: https://forums.caspio.com/topic/4377-js-guide-caspio-form-elements/
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Time out on a password reset link   
    It is not yet possible to set a specific time out on a password reset link. I asked Caspio Support regarding this and they said that the 2-hour default window is a system generated feature which means we are not able to adjust the time allocation. They said we can suggest this in their Ideabox .
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Create a New Submit button and hide the original one from my Submission Form   
    Hi Watusi, if you have just one DataPage deployed in your website page, you can add this script in your DataPage's Footer:
    <script type="text/javascript"> function submitCBForm() { document.getElementById("caspioform").submit(); } </script>
    Then, add onclick="submitCBForm()" in your new Submit button to execute the script for submitting the form.
    Your new button's code can look like this: 
    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" class="newSBstyle" onclick="submitCBForm()">  
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Check the checkbox if a specific option in Dropdown is selected in a Search form   
    Hi Watusi, can you try this instead:
    <script type="text/javascript"> var dropdown = "Value1_1"; var checkbox = document.getElementsByName("Value2_1")[0]; var drp = document.getElementsByName(dropdown); function checkdropdown() { var drpselected = drp[0].options[drp[0].selectedIndex].text; if (drpselected == "Math") checkbox.checked = true; else checkbox.checked = false; } drp[0].onchange=checkdropdown; </script>  
    Let me know if this works.
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Login Process   
    Hi Watusi, yes it did. The change is included in the release of Caspio Bridge 16.0 last February 10, 2018.  All users must now log in using their email address instead of Account ID or Username. Immediately after the release, existing account users will be prompted to verify their email address. You can find the release notes here. 
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Sending SMS via Twilio   
    Hi @Watusi,
    Yes, it is possible using Zapier, an online automation tool for creating automated workflows (zaps) between applications.
    Here is a video tutorial on how to integrate your Caspio applications with Twilio using Zapier:
    You may also read through this article for more information about integration with Zapier: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/zapier/
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    Watusi reacted to AtayBalunbalunan in Keyboard Hotkeys   
    Hi @Watusi,
    The following keyboard hotkeys are available in table and view datasheets:
    Enter and Down/Up Arrows – Saves the record and moves focus to the next row. Shift+Enter – Saves the record and moves the focus to the previous row. Alt+Enter (Option+Enter on Mac) – Adds a line break inside a field. Ctrl+S (Control+S/Command+S on Mac) – Saves the record without requiring the cursor to move to another record. You can find the information here.
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    Watusi got a reaction from Ricky1089 in PageViewIncrement   
    Has anyone used PageViewIncrement in details pages? I'm following this article but the field doesn't appear in my details page in Preview and even in deployed URL. I used a Number field and followed every steps but to no avail. 
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    Watusi reacted to LittleMsGinger in PageViewIncrement   
    Hello @Watusi,
    You cannot display the value of the field in Details Page if it is set to PageViewIncrement. However, you can insert a calculated field and pass the value to it. Just like this: 

    Hope this helps.
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