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  1. I want to export my data as an excel file. I'm aware that calculated fields are not saved on the table. So if I export a table, it will not include the data on my calculated fields. How will I be able to include that on the exported file? Is there a way? TIA.
  2. Great! Let me try that one. Another question, what if I will use that on a details page? Will I still follow the same steps?
  3. Is it possible to add options to a multi-select listbox? If yes, how will I be able to do that?
  4. Hi, I am using TimeStamp to get the current time and date. Is there a way to get the current time only? Thanks
  5. Is there a way to change the 'Search Again' icon on the Results Page?
  6. I have this tabular report and I want to change the background color of a certain header. How will I do that?
  7. I see. I think I'll try your first suggestion since I have a tight budget. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thank you for the workaround, JolliBeng! But, is there a way to directly download the table? Without creating a datapage?
  9. I have a table which has so many records, over 5GB. I'm aware that there is a limit on exporting data. How can I be able to export that table? TIA.
  10. Hi @TsiBiRu I actually tried that already. As you may see, it still does not align properly. Look at the "O" in Option and "1". I want that to be aligned.
  11. I have another question. I put a line break on my radio button. So my radio button looks like this: My question is, how do I align the label? So, it should look like the following: Option 123456789 TIA.
  12. Role21

    Grid Edit Apperance

    How do we control the appearance of GRID EDIT? We badly need that to be wider. Thanks
  13. Role21

    Text Field

    Is there a way to make the Text field not editable without making it a Display Only field?
  14. I got this error when I tried to preview my page: "RLS field changed. This DataPage requires to be edited before it can be viewed. (Caspio Bridge error) (60007)" How can I resolve this? Any insights? TIA.
  15. Thanks for your reply. But how can I do that using triggers. This is what I am trying to do: TABLE 1 item1 item2 item3 asd qwe zxc TABLE 2 should contain this: items asd qwe zxc How to do that?
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