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  1. Hi, I am using this formula to get the month in the specific Date field: (DatePart(month, [@field:date])) And the result of this formula is the number of the month but what I want is the month name for the result to display. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Hello, I have a custom button on my Report datapage. I want it to be hidden/shown if a certain condition is met. For example, if Active checkbox is checked, then the button should be hidden. How will I do that? Thanks.
  3. Role21

    Input Time

    This works. But why is it not working when I tried to put it on a Formula field? Calculated fields are for display purposes only. I want it to be saved on the table and download it as an excel file.
  4. Role21

    Input Time

    Great! Thanks for the tip! I also want to calculate the time accumulated. It is like End Time - Start Time. How will I be able to calculate that?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create a Time Sheet Web Form. I want my users to enter their start time and end time. However, I don't see a time picker option, I only see a date picker. I don't want my users to enter an invalid time value. How will I achieve this?
  6. I am working on a Stacked Bar. Is there a way to display the values as a Label and also as a DataTip?
  7. Role21


    Hi, I'm working on a Submission form. I want to see my tabular report to be updated on every submission that I perform. How will I be able to do that?
  8. I want to export my data as an excel file. I'm aware that calculated fields are not saved on the table. So if I export a table, it will not include the data on my calculated fields. How will I be able to include that on the exported file? Is there a way? TIA.
  9. Great! Let me try that one. Another question, what if I will use that on a details page? Will I still follow the same steps?
  10. Is it possible to add options to a multi-select listbox? If yes, how will I be able to do that?
  11. Hi, I am using TimeStamp to get the current time and date. Is there a way to get the current time only? Thanks
  12. Is there a way to change the 'Search Again' icon on the Results Page?
  13. I have this tabular report and I want to change the background color of a certain header. How will I do that?
  14. I see. I think I'll try your first suggestion since I have a tight budget. Thanks for your help!
  15. Thank you for the workaround, JolliBeng! But, is there a way to directly download the table? Without creating a datapage?
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