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  1. Role21

    Display File

    Can I display a file on my datapage? for example, a .DOC file. How can I do that?
  2. Role21


    Thanks for your help, NailDyanC !
  3. Role21


    Thanks! I have another question. How can I set the text on my on my submission fields to be right-aligned?
  4. Role21


    Can you help me with my workflow, I have a datapage where you can have a bunch of fields and when the last field is finished by the user, it makes a hidden box checked and completes the workflow? Is it possible in Caspio?
  5. Role21

    Remove "Data Table"

    I have another concern... I am seeing "Data Table" whenever I hover my datapage. How can I remove that?
  6. Role21

    Modify table structure

    Do you have some advices on how can I be sure that I have well-structured tables?
  7. Role21

    Authentication Login Box

    This is very helpful!
  8. Role21


    Hi, can you give me some tips on how should I optimize my pages?
  9. I am creating a formula field on my table where I want to merge Date Created (Date/Time) with User ID(text). The result should look like this: 24/10/2018 Agent1 How do I merge them? Should I convert the Date field to a string? How will I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm trying to change the icon for the Edit button on my reports datapage. I tried to set it on Styles, I have successfully changed the icon for the inline edit, but the icon for Bulk Edit was not change. How can I change that? Thanks!
  11. Role21

    Set default photo

    I created a user profile with a photo to upload. However, if the user did not upload a photo, how can I set a default photo?
  12. Role21

    Limit Submissions

    Can I limit the number of submissions on submission forms? If yes, how to do it?