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  1. kpcollier

    AJAX Enabled DataPage Does not Update on Edit

    Maybe there is a way to set a script that refreshes the page once "Update" button is clicked? That way the page is showing the updated results after submit. Also, maybe I can set the target so that when the page is refreshed, it is opened to where the user last was. I'll be trying to work on a script for this, if anyone could help me that would be awesome!
  2. Thanks, @DefinitelyNot31337. You know I'm going for the slightly unrelated, neat trick. Will try this out over the weekend. Happy Holidays to you, too!
  3. kpcollier

    What is the best browser to use for Caspio?

    Have you tried clearing cache/cookies? Try that and see if it still persists. The old version of a datapage should not even be saved unless you have the right Caspio Plan. I have been using Google Chrome with Caspio for about a year, but have also tested my work on Firefox, IE, and Edge. They are all compatible on my end. Make sure you have the updated datapage deployed and try viewing it through the deploy URL instead of the Preview button.
  4. @roattw, Caspio is super tricky like that. I've found they have a ton of elements and tags that get hit with a _randomkey, making it impossible to call. I'll keep my eye out.
  5. kpcollier

    Checkbox/Radio Buttons for Search Field Blank/Not Blank

    Thanks, @Vitalikssssss. This worked perfectly.
  6. @roattw Have you tried looking through the Source in Styles with the style you are using for the datapage? I know there is a standard option on Styles to edit padding under Form/Details -> Fields, although if you try searching in All and through Source, you may be able to find the .ListData rules. Personally, when I've tried to custom rule my CSS, I always forget about the Styles tab in the caspio bridge, haha. Simple, but thought I would ask to make sure.
  7. kpcollier

    Different login html page

    To add on top of this, you can check out this article as well. If you want specific users or groups to be taken to specific pages, you can do so with Login Redirections. This article shows you how to set up a stand-alone log in page as well as the back end work needed to make the redirections work. There is a video on this subject as well that is very thorough and easy to follow. Thanks, KPC
  8. kpcollier

    Checkbox/Radio Buttons for Search Field Blank/Not Blank

    To clear up the question, I am trying to use a Date field as a search filter. I want it to default to show all records, whether or not that Date field is empty or blank. But, if you click the checkbox, it filters the search to only records with that Date field not blank. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Wasn't aware of this, pretty cool feature.
  10. Sure. Just "Edit" the DataPage that is already deployed and mimic it to be like your new DataPage. Just because a DataPage is embedded somewhere does not mean you can't change it. Simply make the old datapage look like the new one and it should update on the site you have it deployed at.
  11. Try going back to edit the trigger and hit Validate. If it says it works, I would duplicate the Trigger and delete the original. Otherwise, I believe hitting up Caspio Support and/or starting a ticket would be the best case for Error Codes that you cannot find information on.
  12. Hello. I am trying to create a new filter for my Search and Report DataPage. In my table, there is a date field "Shipping Confirmation". Right now, I have the search form having 5 different filters you can search from. To filter it even more, I would like a Checkbox or "on/off switch" that is tied to the Shipping Confirmation field. If the box is checked, the report filters records where Shipping Confirmation is not blank, whereas if the box is unchecked, it shows all records. I have tried using Virtual Fields as Radio Buttons, but I seem to only be able to narrow it down to specific dates instead of blank/not blank. Any ideas?
  13. kpcollier

    Shopping Cart

    Hello @Majortom, One way I can see you fixing this is by creating a new table for Placed Orders. You can set it up so each record has its own OrderID. Then, in your table design, keep adding fields for as many items you may think is your biggest order (this way there is a spot for each item for large orders, otherwise small orders will just leave some fields blank). With this, you will be able to keep track of all Items by the OrderID (may want to change to ItemID or something similar) you have, as well as having an OrderID for each order that has been placed. Each record will have an OrderID with the fields being populated with the items they ordered.
  14. I have created an embeddable tabbed display found in the Caspio HowTo article. I have 6 pages, or tabs, on this ETI. I have used the embedded code deployment method to deploy the ETI onto my Weebly site. It works great on a Laptop/Desktop. However, when viewing through a mobile device, the responsiveness is lost. The smaller the screen you use, the less tabs that show up on the ETI. If you flip it to landscape view, you see all of the tabs. But in portrait, they are cut off. I have tried creating media queries for the code provided in this article but have not had any luck: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-embeddable-tabbed-interface/ Here is a picture of viewing through iPad with 5 of 6 tabs showing (disregard the 9 errors in devtools, they are all from weebly themes )
  15. I've tried a couple things with that article. I would completely copy it but I need it to work like the Embeddable Tabbed Display with the JavaScript. Here is my codepen link. If anyone could take a look and see what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it. I'm pretty damn close lol https://codepen.io/kpcollier/pen/VVoBvM