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  1. kpcollier

    Passing Internal Parameter To Popup

    Anyone on this post still active? I am looking to do something similar but cannot get this code to work for me.
  2. kpcollier

    Cascading Elements to Separate DataPages

    I have this in my header. <script type="text/javascript"> var states = []; var abc; function foo() { //reference to popup window var popup; //link to popup page var url = '[@app:https://c3eku680.caspio.com/dp/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]'; var queryStarted = url.search(/\?/g) > -1 ? true : false; //build query string based on user's selection var query = f_GetQueryStringForMultiple(); //check that query string not empty if (query) { //open popup and pass some parameters to it popup = window.open(url + (!queryStarted ? '?' : '') + query); // do something when popup will be closed popup.onbeforeunload = function () { alert(abc); } } } function f_GetQueryStringForMultiple() { var ctrl = document.getElementById("Order_Number"); //Change it to actual field Id var q = ""; if (ctrl) { for (var i = 0; i < ctrl.options.length; i++) { if (ctrl.options[i].selected) { q += (i > 0 || queryStarted ? "&" : "") + "prm=" + encodeURIComponent(ctrl.options[i].value); states.push(ctrl.options[i].value); } } } return q; } </script> And an html block with this. <input type="button" value="Open" onclick="foo();" /> The popup page is predefined search tabular report. The predefined search is set to Order_Number and it is to receive value on load. I am not too sure what I am doing wrong.
  3. Is it possible to have cascading elements across two different pages? I have an Orders Submission page. There is cascading elements working already in the page. When you select the Job that the order is for, an order number is automatically created based on the Job number. I want to create a link on this page that connects to another html page. This page will show the number of orders already previously placed for this Job. So, when someone selects a job, they can quickly check how many orders have been placed previously for this job with this link before they complete it.
  4. kpcollier

    Yes/No field

    Hello @wvantongeren To start, I am not sure what Ja and Nee mean, but I assume it is Yes/No respectively. Edit your Tabular Report DataPage. On the Configure Results Page Field page, go to the "Acteif" field. Under Field Options in the Standard tab, Edit the Formatting. Click Custom. Keep Format Type as Yes/No. Set Yes/No Display to custom. For yes, type "Go to the project". For no, type "Nee" (Unless I have Ja and Nee switched up). Thanks, KPC
  5. @JolliBeng Thank you! That worked.
  6. kpcollier

    Styling a Checkbox

    @LunaLovegood That worked! Thank you. Definitely made it bigger and easier to see.
  7. kpcollier

    Using a View for a dropdown lookup

    Hey, @HampasLOUpa. The problem I am having is on the results page of a tabular search and report. The records in the results page are where the problem persists. It should be display only, so there is no Lookup Table to mess with. This is purely for reporting and no editing should take place in this page. All I want is to pull up information from previous records and display it. Everything is working except for this field, that is why I am so confused.
  8. kpcollier

    Styling a Checkbox

    Just like the title says. Is it possible to style a checkbox? I would like to make it bigger. In fact, if I can make it almost like a button, that would be perfect. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Hi @JolliBeng Is it possible to change the text? It would be awesome if I could change it from "View Details" to "Edit Here" or something like that.
  10. I've got a problem. In one DataPage, there is a field called "Received By". This is a dropdown, and it is using a view to lookup the data. On the next DataPage, "Received By" displays numbers and not the name. I would use a table, but here is the problem. We have an employee table with over 100 employees recorded in it. We are using a view to cut that number down to only the employees in the Receiving Department. If I set the lookup from Received By to the employee table, I think this would work, but the users would have over 100 names to scroll through. I believe the number that is being displayed is the employee id number from the employee table. It's getting the data value that was inserted to the record but cannot connect that with the display value.
  11. Hello. I am trying to create a one-to-many relationship for my app. I have one table with all of my orders. Each order has an ID. I have a checkbox in the case this order needed to be split into two. I'm trying to set it up so if the split checkbox is checked then the record is duplicated to new table, copies over the same ID, and then gives it a Sub_ID. Something like this: Order ID Sub order 1234 1 1234 2 I've been trying to set this up with the How To articles and with triggers and cannot get it to work. Any ideas?
  12. kpcollier

    AutoComplete based on Role

    I was able to get it to work. I added Default Task field to my view. Entered in the default task for each employee (there is probably an easier way, cause this sucked lol) and it showed up. Works just like I wanted it to. Thanks again, @DefinitelyNot31337
  13. kpcollier

    AutoComplete based on Role

    Hey, @DefinitelyNot31337. Thanks for the reply! This looks awesome, and I think it is exactly what I need. Just a few questions - the Default_Tasks. Is this a table, or a new field on a table? Also, is it a list? I am confused as to where I implement that part. *Edit Also, does it matter that I am using a submission form instead of a search and report? I need it to be submission because its a timesheet to submit hours.
  14. kpcollier

    AutoComplete based on Role

    I have sent you a message.
  15. kpcollier

    Email Report DataPage

    Sorry, one last thing. I put the code in the footer, but it doesn't work 100%. I click the link, it brings up the email section with the subject filled out, but the URL in the body is not clickable and has a "<" in front of it. Its just the URL in plain text. I can copy and paste it, but that seems to not be right.