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  1. Here is a solution to this. You can put the values selected in the List String into a text field, that you can then use for a lot of features that List String was lacking.
  2. Correct! I was trying with either way. Every post on this forum I have been able to find about List Sting fields have said this is impossible, so I was trying with both ways. First I was trying with dropdown and couldn't get only one value to show up. Then when I tried the listbox I saw the label elements. I guess devtools was making it more confusing for me than it was. Your workflow is what I am trying to do - get the selected values of a list string into a text field so that they can be used in triggers/lookups and such. I am guessing the 'Type on this after making selections' field i
  3. $('[id^="InsertRecordJob_Type"]').change(function() { alert("hi"); $("#InsertRecordJobTypeString").val($(this).closest('div').find('label').text()); }); This one is successfully copying the labels into the text field. However, it is copying all of the labels from the list string box. Not sure how I can limit this to only options that are checked, but it seems I am getting closer. I am novice with jQuery and JS and learning about .closest() and .next(). The label elements are directly beneath the input elements. I believe I need to use .next(), but can't quite seem to get the value
  4. Still having trouble with this. When options are selected in a List String box, the values are shown comma delimited on the value box. I feel like I should be able to copy the contents of that to another text field on change. I believe the List Box actually is basically two elements - a select element with the options to choose from, and then an input element to store the values. The input element seems to be the one I need to target. The problem I am having is it is sending an integer value instead of the text value, which I am guessing is which index position each value is? Not sure. An
  5. @Fleshzombie, maybe you can duplicate the table variable block for the other two fields you are trying to grab.
  6. There use to be a checkbox next to where you name the download in Download Options that would append the current date to the name. But, for some reason, they deleted that and changed it out without telling anyone. I was also looking for this today. Now, you need to click on the 'field picker' next to the name box in Download Options and select the timestamp option.
  7. @RossChevalierif you are simply trying to take the values from OldJobCode and put them in NewJobCode, you can utilize Tasks. Build a task just like a trigger. Use the UPDATE block and set it as 'On Demand'. Once you finish building it, click on Run Task and all of the records should be updated with New Job Code as the same as Old Job Code. UPDATE YourTable SET NewJobCode = OldJobCode WHERE NewJobCode is blank Or you could export the table to Excel, copy over all of the values, and import them into the table.
  8. @drckarcher, will the users have 1 role each or more than 1? I personally have a Role field in my User Table, as each user is assigned to 1 role (that can be changed if needed). I am not sure if your Role is related to the User's hierarchy in the company or related to the specific Job itself. If the former, I would add Role to the Staff table. If the latter, I would add Role to the Job_Schedule_Table (see below). As for the jobs and assigned dates, I believe you should create more tables. One for all of the Jobs and one for assigning staff to a job. Put all of your job information in the
  9. Hi @JayDub, Have you tried swapping the timestamp and CourseStartDate fields? "WHERE CourseStartDate EQUALS TimeStamp - 4 days' You could also try the 'difference in days' block under Date. 'WHERE difference in days between CourseStartDate and Timestamp equals -4' I have not been able to test these, but thought I would try to help.
  10. Hello all, Has anyone figured out a way to get List - String values into a single text field, for lookup table and trigger uses? I have an app that currently uses a List - Sting datatype for one of the fields, and I need to be able to use this field in another app. However, I can't select it due to List - String not having much compatibility. I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to use a formula or something to list all of the values separated by commas and spaces or something of the sort. I am trying to either display the list string value or select it with something like a
  11. Heh, yeah. It would be insanely easier if Caspio's calendars weren't so out of date. Even the Outlook 2010 calendar has better looks and functionality than anything that can be made with the Caspio alternative. Thank you for the help - this worked!
  12. @TellMeWhy Close, but not quite. I need the dropdown to list all Technicians from the datasource at all times, even when there is a matching value. The problem with making it just a cascading dropdown, is when it finds a match, the rest of the datasource options disappear from the dropdown list. I want it to select the value just like it does for cascading, but allow the value to be changed with the rest of the options list still available. So, I am trying to set the dropdown as a normal dropdown with the all of the values, then get the cascading value in the virtual field, and then
  13. I think I am getting close (maybe?) var receiver = document.querySelector("[id^='InsertRecordTech_Schedule_Table_Technician']"); var assigner = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1'); $('#'+assigner).change(()=>{ $('#'+receiver).val($('#'+assigner)); }); I suck at jQuery but I think I am getting somewhere with this. Virtual Parameter 1 gets the value from cascading. Technician dropdown has the datasource with all Technician options. I have no errors in console with this, but it will not change the selected dropdown value. Any ideas?
  14. Or, if anyone has found any other work around for something like this (having a cascading value with the rest of the datasource options available), I would love to see it!
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