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  1. @WatashiwaJin Yes, that worked! Thank you. It now only copies over when that field is updated.
  2. kpcollier

    Making A Chart

    I have multiple tables. The main table is Est_Table, which holds a ton of records known as bids and jobs. In the Est_Table is a field named Contractor_ID, and its datatype is an integer. There is another table called Contractors, which works on an autonumber with a list of the names of the contractors we work with. Est_Table and Contractors are connected in relationships, so in the Contractor_ID field, its just a drop down menu of the names. I am trying to make a chart that shows the amount of jobs/bids broken up by each contractor. So, the chart would be looking through the Contractors table to see which autonumber is which, compare it to all of the records within Est_Table and show them on the chart by categories by contractor, right? Haha. Here is what I have. It is NOT working. I have Category set to Contractor_ID and Value is set to Quote_ID (every job/bid has a quote, so I figured I'd use that.)
  3. Thought I figured it out. LOL. Oh well. I entered that trigger I previously posted into the end of the Est_Table trigger, that initially copies over the entries. So, now, it SHOULD work as anything updated gets sent to Job_Table, but anything that doesn't have Bid_To_Job as true is deleted. But, nothing is copying over anymore. On to the drawing board again.
  4. While working with this trigger trying to figure out my problem, I thought maybe I could just create a new trigger. The idea of the trigger is that if any unnecessary entry is entered into the Job_Table, it would just be deleted from that table. But for some reason it isn't working.
  5. @JolliBeng Thank you! That is almost what I need. With the trigger you supplied, an entry from the Est_Table will be copied over if ANY field is updated in the entry. I am trying to make it so only the update of Bid_To_Job copies the entry over. I will be trying to figure this out. Thank you for your help and getting me started!
  6. I have two tables, Est_Table and Job_Table. Est_Table is filled with a ton of "bids" - Jobs that we are trying to secure. The fields in Est_Table consist of a BidID, Project_Name, Contractor_Name, and a Yes/No for Bid_To_Job (If a bid turns into a job, you check it). I am trying to set up a trigger in the Est_Table. I need to tailor the trigger to only work when Bid_To_Job is updated. My goal is that when an entry in the Est_Table is updated to a Job, the entry (BidID, Project_Name, etc.) is automatically copied to the Job_Table. I have it set up so everything copies over to the Job_Table if ANY field is updated in the Est_Table. Also, I am unsure why I can't select the Bid_To_Job field (is it because its a Yes/No data type?).
  7. Thank you, @luna! I greatly appreciate it. I'm still learning with these triggers. I have another question, if you could please help. Is there a way I can set up a trigger so that if I update a specific field in an entry I can have the entire entry copied into a new table? Now I have it so the new entries into the old table are copied into the new table. Now, I want it so if I update the name of project in the old table, the entire entry is copied to the new table. But only for that field. I don't want it to copy if I update any other field besides Project_Name.
  8. I have two tables, Bid Table and Est Table. The Bid Table holds every bid our company has. It includes a BidID number, Project Name, Contractor ID, Date created, etc The Est Table is currently empty I want it so every time I enter new data into the Bid Table, it automatically copies the same BidID, Project Name, Date created, etc, over to the Est Table. I have a triggered action that runs actions on insert data event, INSERT into Est Table with all of the fields I wish to be copied over. I have the BidID set as an integer for the Est Table. As it is now, when I create new data in the Bid Table, a new entry is created in the Est Table, but none of the fields are filled out and the BidID is wrong (it just counts one up from the previous entry in Est Table, not the same BidID from the Bid Table).
  9. Hey all. Fairly new to Caspio. I have two really big tables. One is for the Bids we do, the other is for the actual Jobs we do. Both tables have a ton of data - although nothing similar. The names of the bid/job are not identical, so I can't join them together with that. I have an Auto ID as AutoBidID going for my Bid table and a different Auto ID as CAS_JOB_ID for my Jobs table. They are obviously different. I need to join these tables so that I can make an app where I can see what bids were accepted (if we have the job - we won the bid) and what ones were not. Do I need to start a new AutoNumberID and go back to match every name in both tables manually? I cannot think of another way. Thanks for the help.
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