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  1. Same way. Go to the style you are using, go to the source tab, make sure you select All on the left column. I just put the body rule on top of everything else, and it worked. When I went back to take a screenshot it put it on the bottom. But this is how I did it.
  2. Try just using this in the header: body { background-color: lightblue !important; }
  3. Another thing that may work is to add a 'Team' field to your user table. Assign the users to the Team they belong in, a long with the Sales Managers. Include this Team field in your search filters, hide it, and make it receive an authentication parameter on load (which would be the Team field) and this will limit the records to just that Team. If you aren't using a search form, use the filter records option and choose the Team field and do the same process. To do this you will need a couple things. First, a User Table for who is accessing your records. Second, an Authentication that runs off of the User Table and has the Team field included. Also, you will need to include the Team field in your submission form. This can also be a hidden field that receives a parameter. This is to give the record the Team value from the user that is making the submission.
  4. Hey @matstein, Please refer to this article: Something like this will work. Change the number within the () depending on which row you want to change color. Make sure to add this in your Header section of the Results Page Configuration and have 'Enable HTML Editor' unchecked. <style> td[class*="cbResultSetData"]:nth-of-type(5){ background-color: red !important; } </style>
  5. Just to back up @NiceDuck's statement, here it is on the Caspio HowTo article referring to triggered actions: 'Triggered Actions currently will not run from import of data through either manual import or DataHub tasks.' Duck's workaround is your best bet. You need to first do something to the imported data to be able to manipulate it. Putting it into a dummy table and THEN filtering it is the way to go.
  6. I did not know this. Thanks CJS, I'll implement this going forward.
  7. Does anyone know how I can send 'Yes' through a query string value? I have an anchor tag that I am using as a button to another datapage. I am trying to send 'Yes' as a parameter to check the box on the landing datapage. EDIT* Live chat and I had a problem with one of the logic sections of a datapage that is included in this workflow. That is why we couldn't figure this out. If you want to send 'Yes' to a field through a query string, you need to use 'Y'.
  8. Does anyone have a workaround for getting the value of a List DataType to insert into a new table via trigger?
  9. Hey @mgredmond, Check out this post. I think it'll help you out.
  10. Hey @Andrew, Yes, you are correct. I am trying to do it on update, because the tech's do not get assigned until after the record was made. Also yes, if I could somehow have the trigger know if the parent record was updated, to delete the old dates and add the new ones. I wouldn't want dates that are no longer being used to show up.
  11. Howdy. My main table is Work_Order_Table. Customers call us for work to be done, and we create a record in this table to reflect that. After it is created, we assign a technician to it through Tech_Assign dropdown field. This technician updates the record with two date fields - a Measure Date and an Install Date. So, each record in the Work_Order_Table has 2 date fields. I am trying to display these date fields separately on a Calendar DataPage. The problem is that you can only filter by one date field per record, so I cannot plot both dates on their respective day. To fix this, I have created a new table called Tech_Schedule_Table. The fields are Date_ID (autonumber), Event_Type (this will be either measure or install), Date (the actual date of the field), and Technician (the value of Tech_Assigned from Work_Order_Table). I am trying to create a trigger that will split these two dates into their own record on the Tech_Schedule_Table so that I can display them both correctly. The problem I have run into... The records in Work_Order_Table have some unrelated fields that are updated multiple times a day. I wouldn't want the Install and Measure Date fields to add to the Tech_Schedule table every time that parent record is updated. Secondly, if the Technician needs to change one of the measure/install dates on the Work Order record, I don't want the old dates to show up as well - only the updated ones. Here is what it looks like without splitting the date fields into their own record. Notice that the Install Date is on the wrong date. This is the new table structure. If I need to add more fields, please let me know. Here is the trigger I am working on. Need to enhance this so it can replace old dates with new ones and not insert again on unrelated updates to the parent record.
  12. Not exactly sure what you are looking for... But, in your DataPage wizard, under Results Page Options, go to the Advanced Tab. Click on the 'Pencil' icon next to PDF. There, you can either add custom text, an app parameter/system parameter, or you can add an image to the Header or Footer.
  13. <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { document.querySelector('[id*=InsertRecordIdIdee]').addEventListener('change', function() { let item = document.querySelector("select[id='InsertRecordIdIdee']").value; document.querySelector("input[id='InsertRecordTitre']").value = item; }); }); </script> @ManonG, using @Vitalikssssss example with your field IDs, I believe this is the script you are looking for.
  14. Hey @NiceDuck, going through this workflow and just have a quick question. You are saying that in order to use this workflow, the customer that is filling out the submission form has to first have their information on the new table?
  15. Dang, thanks @NiceDuck. I appreciate the super detailed post. This sounds like it will work! Using another datapage is a drag, but that's just something you gotta live with, with caspio. It is almost the end of the day for me - but I will definitely implement this next week and let you know how it goes!
  16. Unfortunately, this is a multi step form. So, there is no record to hide due to the fact that it is not a report page. I am trying to make it so they can only submit a record once.
  17. Thanks, @Ed727. I appreciate the workflow, and it is a great idea. I appreciate it. I have already gone ahead and used Duck's workflow, but maybe tomorrow when my brain isn't so fried I'll switch it over. Would definitely be nice to have an extra DataPage.
  18. Hey yall. Just wondering if anyone has used something in the sort of expiring links. We are building a form from Caspio that, with a link, will be sent to interested customers to be filled out. However, we are worried about spam and the link falling into the wrong hands. We are deployed on Weebly, and I know they don't have any sort of feature like this. What I am looking for is some kind of system to take my caspio/weebly link that will expire after some amount of time and make it so you can no longer visit that web page. We will be using this pretty frequently.
  19. I've decided to just eliminate the cbSubmitContainer and create a new Submit button along with my Previous button. Instead of the Previous button going back to the Submission Form (step 1), it goes to a Single Update Form that is identical (Thanks @NiceDuck). The custom Submit button still works with Destination Options when trying to use query string values.
  20. Is it possible to get a custom button in the same container as the Caspio Submit button? Example below. I'm trying to add a previous button next to the Next button (which is the Caspio Submit) and center them. Can't seem to figure it out, if it is possible.
  21. Thanks, @NiceDuck. That seems like it would work. It kinda sucks I would have to use 4 DataPage slots for a single 3 step form... But if this is the only way to do it I'll give it a shot. Thanks again.
  22. How would this work with the way Caspio does multi step forms? If you used this as a previous button for the first step, wouldn't you be submitting two records? Say you already clicked the next button after the first step (which is a submission form, not an update form). Then go back and change something and click next again. Those clicks would both create new records, so now there would be one half-finished record in the table. Right? And if you went to the next step, everything you filled out would be gone, because those values would be on a different record.
  23. Thanks for the response, @Andrew! I'll take this and run with it - I'll update if I get anywhere.
  24. Yes I did! I used it with just a few CSS tweaks and it worked perfectly for my needs. It is what I am currently using. I appreciate it, @SunakoChan!
  25. Yeah, I haven't been able to find any other way other than a List DataPage. I too went with embedding the word document... but in the print out it was really funky. The entire datapage was small enough to only take up half of the PDF page, even with the List results set to 100%. I was trying to make it look right in the HTML block but noticed it was totally different in the PDF, so I was changing stuff all around to make it fit in PDF page. It looks all messed up in the HTML block, but its working fine. One limitation of a List DataPage is that you cannot edit a single record on the results page. Only bulk edit. I previously was trying to figure out a way to track what pages were downloaded/printed out. I was going to use a checkbox in the background that was clicked automatically when the DownloadDataButton was clicked, but I couldn't figure it out due to the inline edit.
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