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  1. kpcollier's post in Different SMS for Insert vs. Delete Triggered action was marked as the answer   
    You can only have 1 trigger of each 'run-on' type - Update, Insert, or Delete. I usually like to break them up into 3 triggers for their respective type in all of my apps for easier organization.
    Pretty much, you would create a Trigger that runs on Insert, then you would create a 2nd Trigger that runs on Delete and copy the contents from the Insert trigger over to the Delete trigger. Now if the table has a new record inserted, only the Insert Trigger will go off - and vice versa.
  2. kpcollier's post in Query to get only numbers from a string was marked as the answer   
    SUBSTRING([@field:Stored_In], PATINDEX('%[0-9]%', [@field:Stored_In]), PATINDEX('%[0-9][^0-9]%', [@field:Stored_In] + 't') - PATINDEX('%[0-9]%', [@field:Stored_In]) + 1) This will work for the format my values are in.
    I do not believe this will work for other formats, where there are multiple sequences of numbers with alpha values in between. 
  3. kpcollier's post in Search Form For Calculated Field Parameters was marked as the answer   
    Adding parenthesis to the SELECT statements made this work.
    CASE WHEN ([@calcfield:5] != ' ') AND ([@calcfield:6] != ' ') THEN (SELECT Sum(Hours) FROM TimeEntry_Table WHERE Job_ID = [@field:Job_Number] AND Date BETWEEN '[@DateFrom]' AND '[@DateTo]') ELSE (SELECT Sum(Hours) FROM TimeEntry_Table WHERE Job_ID = [@field:Job_Number]) END  
  4. kpcollier's post in Overriding built-in Caspio media queries with !important flag was marked as the answer   
    I had this problem with my date and text area fields. I had to use the '>' operator in my CSS rules, in my own media query to make it work. 
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1025px) { .cbFormFieldCell > #EditRecordTech_Schedule_Table_2_Date{ width:30% !important; } .cbFormFieldCell > #EditRecordTech_Schedule_Table_2_Notes{ width:99% !important; } .timeClass{ width: 96%; } }  
  5. kpcollier's post in View vs Filtered Data Page was marked as the answer   
    I believe it does matter. I don't have time to dig up the post, but there is one regarding this issue somewhere on these forums. If I remember it correctly, the loading times for filtering via datapage were much faster than the loading times with views. 
    I believe when you create a view, you are creating another table. When using your datapages, you query to the view, which then gets the values from the actual table, and then sends the information. When using datapage filtering, you are going straight to the source.
  6. kpcollier's post in Conditional DataPage Display was marked as the answer   
    Hey @mgredmond,
    Check out this post. I think it'll help you out.
  7. kpcollier's post in How To Use Application Parameters in TASKS? was marked as the answer   
    I'm actually trying to do the same thing. I'll let you know if I have any luck. Also sticking around here in case a solution pops up 
    *I was told that this is not part of the functionality yet with Tasks. They came out with the Caspio 15.0 update, so it is pretty new... But I guess Tasks can only pull data from Tables and not App Parameters yet. 
    You can put a recommendation into the Caspio Ideabox. I would, but I'm already out of votes to add more ideas. 
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