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  1. Hi @NailDyanC, Thank you for your response. I have two tables, Student_Record and Student_Info. Both tables are linked together. Student_Record contains Payment field. Per Student_ID, I want to sum all the payments that particular student made. If greater than 0, then the Status should be Active, else Inactive. Here is my formula: CASE WHEN (SELECT SUM(Payment) FROM Student_Record WHERE Student_ID = target.[@field:Student_ID] > 0 THEN 'Active' ELSE 'Inactive' END I have this in my calculated field. I want to use Status as my filtering criteria but it seems that it is not allowed. Thanks.
  2. Hi @kristina, I got the same issue. Adding another field to the table and use formula will do. But, in formula field, Select function is not allowed. Is there another workflow for this? Thanks.
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