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  1. Hello, Is there any way to use distinct records in a view? And use the same view for Reports data page?
  2. Thanks @directrix for the reply, but I want to set the default date as System Date, is there any way to set that other than using triggers?
  3. I need to set up the default value for date field on a data page which is editable, user may change, may not. Apart from Triggers, is there any other way?
  4. Thanks for the help Melody, I figured it out. The syntax was incorrect as my User_Id Field is a string value, I should pass it in ''. The corrected query is : SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT PropertyKeyId) FROM UI_FactTrxn_1 WHERE InvestorUserId = '[@authfield:Users_UserId]'
  5. By picker, I hope you mean to say that I should use button to insert the auth field. I am inserting it from there itself. Is there any other way to do it? Is it a syntax error? Like for using a view we use "_v_" before the name, for referring to fields on data page, we use "target." and then the field name, do we need to append something for authfield as well?
  6. Hi, I am working on an application where I need two factor authentication for my application's end users. I understand that this functionality is currently not available in Caspio Bridge, but I am thinking of creating a custom API in .Net for authentication using my SQL Server DB instance. Is there any way possible that I can call this custom API in Caspio while authenticating a user?
  7. Thanks for the reply Melody, but I am still getting the same error : even when I used the query you suggested.
  8. I am trying to get the count from a table and applying record level security, but in the where clause, when I am comparing it with my auth field, it is saying "Invalid Query" For instance, my query: ISNULL((SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT [@field:PropertyKeyId]) FROM UI_FactTrxn_1 WHERE [@field:InvestorUserId] = [@authfield:Users_UserId]),0) I am getting Invalid error for this. But when I am trying to pass the string in place of authfield, it is a valid one! Can anyone please help me on this?
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