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  1. I have a tabbed report page that uses authentication of logged in user to compare a field in the table (UserID field) that matches. Problem is I have a list of 5 or 6 items that are added for all users and I have set the userID listed as "system" for those items. I cannot figure a way to use the OR function with the authentication check to pull the records that are "system" as well as the auth userID check. There has got to be an easy way to say authenticated userID OR "system" Any ideas.. Probably basic.. thanks for helping!!!
  2. I have a task that runs, but I am having issues with the date. I want the date to return the current today date.. this task works, but I do not want to manually set the date.. any suggestion how to make it use "today's" date? This works exactly how I want if I manually change the date to the today date.. but I want this automated and run at 11:45pm at night for the current day. It is easy to schedule the task daily, just ca not get it to use the "today's" date.
  3. Hmmm, I tried that and actually it does not work. This form is embedded in a modal and when the pop-up screen comes up the first field is still not focused and you have to click in the field to scan a barcode or enter the data.. any other suggestions?
  4. I know I have seen it someplace.. but can someone help me with the script to auto-focus on the first field of a submission form so users do not need to click in the first form field to start typing.. needing to use a form that auto focuses to the first field... THANKS
  5. I tried this with a datapage but could not get it working properly since I am using a html login page the redirects users based on role. But I will try this method and see how it works. I appreciate your help. It is crazy to me that the system is capturing login info (as I see it in the admin side of caspio) but I can not build any pages based on that or create any way for the system to know if someone is logged in. Thank you so much for responding. I thought about moving to another platform since so many things need to be "worked" around to make work that other systems just have built in and
  6. Hi Andrii, A few questions, 1. what is the best way to hide the submit buttons of the two datapages? 2. If I have two datapages on on webpage. Are you saying add the two scripts above to the last datapage? Thank you so much for your help!!! Happy Holidays!
  7. Hello. I am trying to determine a way for users to see other users that are currently logged into an app. Caspio does not make this easy (or I am not finding a way to do this without programming). I thought a check box in the user table would be an easy way to see if the user is logged in or out. When they log in, the system checks the box and when they log out the system unchecks the box. All other low code platforms I have used was able to do this without custom code.. Any suggestions to make it so you can add this to app users to see if they are logged in or not?
  8. I am using a login script that re-directs a person to a specific page based on a role in. Is there a way to modify this script to check a yes/no box to yes when logging in.. then somehow run a script that checks the biox to "no" when logging out of the system or being timed out of the system? Here is the script I am using to log in... <script> if("[@authfield:Role]" == "Admin"){ window.location = "admin.html?UserID=[@authfield:User_ID]"; } else if("[@authfield:Role]" == "Agent"){ window.location = "actionlog.html?UserID=[@authfield:User_ID]&FN=[@auth
  9. Hi MayMusic, I am trying to create a presence (user logged in) and timestamp of login for users. I am curious if this would be the same thing for me, but I cannot make this work. I created a submission page, created a table for the login and timestamp, user ID etc, but I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated...
  10. Hi, Anyone have an easy way to make it so that you can track if a user is online or not. Maybe with a field in the user table that is yes/no when they log in, it checks the box for online and when they log out it un-checks the box. So many platforms have this function in their platform but I find this hard to make this work with caspio. Any suggestions? THANKS Mike
  11. I have two datapages on one web page. I want BOTH datapages to submit with ONE button.. can this be done??
  12. I have a table and I want a simple code to display in html the count of a column with conditions using the UserID and data in column. As an example. I want to create an html datapage or report page that only shows the count I want. Since I can not use Select count () statements within html datapage ( I need something that only shows the total of the calculation without a row etc in html.) the statement below works properly, however even in a basic report page it returns the rows that meet the conditions with the count, when I only want the count.. Select count(Contact_Type) from Ninj
  13. any way I can do a Select count statement within an html datapage?
  14. One more question - can someone help me with the position of the Submit button on a search datapage where the results are below the search? I can make the button work, style the search button, and line up the fields, I just want the search button inline with the two search fields I have on the search page.. currently the search button is below the fields to enter for the search.. THANKS!
  15. DN31337, that code works great, any way to format(style) the reset button the same as the search button within this code ?
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