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  1. Hi there, I reuploaded the data table and somehow now only one filter works "Religion World Views" and the others are not. I tried to recheck to see what the difference is between this and others. No luck. I give you again the URL. https://c0acj226.caspio.com/dp/6fae5000cf24d9cf5a9a435e9b66 Thank you very much for your help. Hong
  2. Hi there, Thank you for your reply. it is so strange. I have checked it. It leads to the form as usual but it is true from my website it shows DataPage does not exist. I double check the URL from DataPage. Here it is https://c0acj226.caspio.com/dp/6fae5000cf24d9cf5a9a435e9b66 Help me. Thank you very much!!!
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, after having verified your list, it still doesn't work. So I provide URL to my report DataPage: https://c0acj226.caspio.com/dp/6fae50007e7044d1b53d4864bdb1 Thank you very much for your help.
  4. I created a data search several months ago. It worked well. Today, i checked and nothing works. When i put information it just has an announcement that "no records found". I recreated the datapages and so on... nothing works... Please help!!! Thank you very much!
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