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  1. I have a report page that I wanted to customize data with different html headers and layouts. I am using HTML Blocks and within the blocks use field codes for the data fields so I can customize the layout. This is working out great until I have fields with no data. Unlike using regular data fields, if the field data is empty, it will not collapse. For example: Name: John Smith, Address1: 123 Main St, Address2: ___, City: Springfield, State, MA, Zip 12345. Using the field codes leaves a blank space where Address2 line is when it is blank. I do not see how to collapse the space like I can with data fields. And with data fields, I cannot get the layout I want. Any help? Buy Field Codes I mean Parameters, sorry, I am new at this.
  2. I have multiple tables, some with customer data, some with employee data, some with regional data. I have an input form for projects that asks for each of these items (customer name, employee name and regional data) Those fields have autofill assigned to the form while entering data so if that customer, etc, already exists from their respective tables, you can click the autofill. If they do not exist, after entering just that fields data (customer name) a new form will automatically open to complete the other customer info for the customer table, then jump back to the project form for completion. Is this possible to do or am I starting this with the wrong strategy.
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