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  1. Subject; Post Values from a Text Area Field to a List Box Field in a Form Report

    Hello I am  new to Caspio and have read a number of your responses and sense you can help with this challenge.

    I have developed a  Form Report, that filters a customer table based on zip codes and other criteria.

    I am trying develop a javascript that posts the comma separated values of US Zip Codes, that are in a Text Area field, to a List box - when the form is submitted. I want to hide the  in the List box field to the user

    I have seen posts that parses comma separated values and understand that a  list box field would store zipcode values  as "'10001','10002','10003'" (please correct)

    The challenge  is to have a script that posts these values to the List box as:




    As if the user had selected each manually in the list box.

    Please help in anyway you can - pointing to any example of scripts that perform a similar function.

    Thank you,



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