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  1. nnot find what specific DP Element to change to get the column width become narrower.I have a tabular report that is giving me the data i need, but the overall column headers are WAY TO BIG. I created a Style that I want to use for DP reports (so it is separate from the one used for DP forms). My problem, is I cannot figure what element to edit to narrow down the column widths.
  2. dmyoungsal


    I have a form containing two pulldowns (Carrier and Trailer). Along with them, I have two links allowing me to add new Carriers and respective Trailers. Each field works fine, except for the fact that when they close and redisplay the main form, any data previously entered is cleared. So the first 4 fields where I have entered data are cleared. The Javas script I am using that I got from a Caspio doc is: <script> window.close(); if (window.opener && !window.opener.closed) { window.opener.location.reload(); } </script> I am not a Java person at all so I am wondering if this script can be modified and a way where the newly entered data is stored in the respective table, the window closed and the newly entered data shows up in the recently updated drop down.
  3. dmyoungsal

    Currency field

    I have a field (AmtPaid) formatted as currency in my table. when I display the field in my DataPage, the number displays as text in my report/edit form. It does the same thing in my submission form How do I overcome this?
  4. Sorry, Not long after I posted this question, I discovered the link However, I do have a question on updating the "related" sub-table. In my case I have a two tables (tblCarrier and tblTrailer) related in a one to many. When I open data page for tblTrailer, I can select a carrier from a drop down and then enter that information. However, when I go to the tblTrailer to verify what was entered, I do not see the CarrierID #. How do I get that to write?
  5. Right Now, I am using the Free version of Caspio. I just watched some videos of setting up Relationships between two files, but when I edit the tables, I do not see "relationships" as an option. Is that not available in the free version?
  6. I have a view in which I want to join two tables, but each time I try doing a join, I get an error message saying it is not donw. I have a table (tblTrailer) with 4 fields. TrailerID (auto); TrailerLic (Text, because License Plate have alpha); Trailer #; Trailer Carrier The other table (tblWashInfo) I have a number of fields of which WashLic# (which is a text field), but in my DataPage, uses a pull down from tblTrailer). What I ultimately want is for the user to select the License # and have the carrier name and trailer number appear on the screen. But when I change my field types (in table) and then try to Join I get the error. Thoughts on design? As I write this, I think my table design is incorrect, but your thoughts are appreciated
  7. In my data page, I open a table (tblWashInfo). They select a date and then select the license plate number of the trailer being cleaned. The License plate is contained in tblTrailer. I want to display the company name associated with the trailer. How do I do that?
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