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  1. Hi All, We create quotes with Caspio. Each quote has a varying number of records with information such as selected services, quantities , notes etc etc. (One table) We often have a number of revisions where we add/change/delete quote records. However, we would like to keep a copy of a quote (all records) once presented; so that we can refer back to it. We would like to have many quote and many versions of a quote versions. I cannot figure how to 'back-up' a quote so we can make changes without loosing the previous version. (Thought to copy the table but that will copy all quotes - not a solution) Any idea please.
  2. Hi Glitch, Two Messages - First one first "Upon Insert on TBL_New_Projects, ALL the records from TBL_Project_Tasks where the Project_id = Copy_from_Project_id will be copied to WHICH table" Answer :- to The original table I.E TBL_Project_Tasks Second message . I am not really sure what the third table is used for ? I am going to give it a try and see what happens it looks promising to me . It looks like you got a whole lot further with this than I could , Thanks. Give me a day or two to try it out Cheers
  3. Hi Glitch, Almost correct . I need for the new (inserted copy) TASK records to have the Copy_to_Project_id. (I.E I do not wish to change the original TASK records , because they should be considered as if they were a template ). I am excited to see how to solve this, it looked so simple and will save so much time almost immediately !!
  4. I have many projects and each project has many tasks. Each time we start a new project staff spend hours loading in all the tasks. In very many cases we already have a project where the tasks are very similar. If the staff could copy/duplicate the tasks from the similar project and just replace the project_id with the project_id of the new project, then the team could save hours by just adjusting the tasks that were different. I have a Table TBL_Project_Tasks and it holds the tasks for all projects. Each record holds Task_id; Project_id; Task Description; Task_sequence; Task comment and some other fields that are not important. I have a simple Datasheet that I created and it writes to a new second Table TBL_New_Projects. It has User-id and time_stamp (for records only); Copy_from_Project_id; Copy_to_Project_id. I wanted to create a trigger in TBL_New_Projects so that when a new record was inserted into TBL_New_Projects, all the records in TBL_Project_Tasks where the Project_id = Copy_from_Project_id were duplicated but with the Project-id replaced by Copy_to_Project_id. The team can just use our regular ‘Edit_Task’ datapage to adjust any tasks they need I have spent hours with the Triggered action and it seems I just do not have the knowledge to make this work ( I am a beginner after all). Can you help??
  5. Hi TsiBiRu You solution has merit. Both Tables have the project number so I will kick it around and see if it will work for me Idea much appreciated
  6. Hi Kristina, Thanks for your input. As I mentioned the example the <income> and <cost> are super simplified, actually they are part of a quite complex live system that I want to expand. The issue I see with your solution it does not readily allow for the dynamic selection of a project or projects to report on?? Thanks though it is a possible solution
  7. I am trying to produce a report that is 101 with a spreadsheet but can’t figure out how to do it with Caspio. Very simplified so I can explain my difficulty. I have two tables <Income> and <Cost>. Each table contain the following fields:- ID; Project#; and Amount. My desired report something like this Project# ~ Income_Amount ~ Cost_Amount 1 $200 1 $250 1 $150 1 $250 Total Project $450 $400 Profit $50 I tried to use a View to get the <Income> & <Cost> by project , However, I wound up hundreds of records - seemed to combine every <Income> with every<Cost>. And the report was meaningless. Simple task but how?
  8. Thanks KpCollier, I fiddled with this (too much :-) ) - It got me part of the way but my with knowledge of Caspio I just could not make it do what I want. The fundamental issue I could get right, was I could not choose the record (with the 6400 text), amend the text and write the 6400 test in to another record in another table (without changing the 6400 text in the original test OR saving the original 6400 text unchanged in the new record and then having to retrieve the new record again to to modify the test.
  9. Hi Vitalikssssss, Thanks for the responses. You are of course 100% of correct if the standard email messages are <=255 chars (in fact when I started, I did exactly as suggested, only to find I could not set up my 'standard email messages' because they are more than 255 chars . So, I tried to change the field to 64000 and then go stuck) . So the question stands - simplified even more; how can I copy a 6400 text form one record to another record (in a different table)? Thanks for the effort
  10. Good question vitalikssssss. More explanation may help. What I am trying to do seemed so simple - but! So, I have many semi standard email messages (Text 64000) -Table (1). Simplistically, I want to choose the (most) appropriate email message and edit it (without spoiling the original) and then send the edited email message. In reality, I have a data page that 'sends the emails' as well writing to Table (2). Other data pages in the work flow pass the standard email number (@Mid) and another parameter to my 'send the emails' data page. It is in this 'send the emails' data page that I would like to get the email message (@Mid) edit it, saving the updated email message in table (2) and send the updated email. I hope that makes what I want to achieve cleared. I appreciate your help. Regards Colnocode
  11. As is obvious, by my member name, i am not a programmer ( naturally that is why I selected Caspoi!) - So from that please read warning dummy ahead and 'extra explicit please' I have a data page that mostly works real well. Just one area has crossed me over:- I have in a simple Table(1) and it has just two fields an ID and a Message (text 6400). I have a second Table(2) and it also has amongst many other fields, a field also called Message (text 6400). My data page has data source of Table(2), it is a form. On entry to the data page a parameter comes with @Mid (message id for Table(1)). I use a virtual field [ Virtual3], with Form Element 'Cascading Text Field' and @Mid to select the appropriate 'standard message' from Table(1). Sometime it is necessary to adjust/change/ personalise the message, the virtual field accommodates that very well. So far, so good no issues. Final, when I press submit ,I want the data (changed or otherwise in Virtual3) to be saved in new Table(2) record in Table(2) Message, but can't figure out how to do that (if have seen some scripts that maybe can do this but I am not a programmer so I am not sure?). Happy to answer questions Thanks in advance for your help
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