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  1. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I think I remember seeing something like this in the caspio tutorial videos. I'll try it right away.
  2. Hello friends, I have a report data page which is basically a to do list. At the moment I use inline edit to tick the checkbox but it requires 3 clicks for each record. To speed things up I'd like a button as hyperlink which will set the appropriate Yes / No field of the record. Can this be done? I already know how to insert HTML blocks and links, but not what goes in the source code. Thanks and kind regards. Tobias
  3. Thank you both, I have managed to combine all cases in an OR criteria.
  4. Hello JolliBeng, thanks for your reply. That's too bad. I'll have to find another way then.
  5. Hi everybody, I'm not sure where to submit bug reports, I'll just do it here. In a web form I added rules to hide certain input fields depending on the value of the field "type". Rule 1 makes the field "checkbox" hidden: Now in Rule 2 I cannot select the field "checkbox" at all: After removing "checkbox" from rule 1 ... ... I can select "checkbox" in rule 2: My guess is that this is a bug but correct me if I'm wrong. Regards, Tobias.
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