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  1. HI @kpcollier, You're welcome, I'm happy to now that this is working for you now. It was my pleasure to assist you with this. Kind regards, TsiBiRu
  2. Hi @kpcollier, To test if the code is working, I would suggest to look in the URL and see if the parameter contains a value. If it has a value, then it only confirms that there is nothing wrong with your code. We just need to fix this on the receiving part and ensure that we are receiving it using the exact variable name [@val] in this example In regards to your second question, you will simple need to add a new HTML block to and create a new/2nd drop-down <!-- As you can see, I've added '2' in my id below id='2[@field:Listing_ID], this is to diffrentiate it with o
  3. Hi @kpcollier You are already right, you will just need to update the variable on your on load to match the one that we've passed in our code So that would be [@strUser] in my example. window.location.replace("https://www.google.com?val=" + strUser); Regards, TsiBiRu
  4. Hi @kpcollier No worries, it is always my pleasure to help anyone in this community. You can try to use the code below, I've added two HTML blocks on my Tabular Report Datapage. 1st HTML Block is to display the drop-down <!-- I've set the ID to the ID of the records so that we will pass the selected value from the drop down where the button is clicked--> <select id='[@field:kpcollier_Client_ID]'> <option value="[@field:Primary_Client]">[@field:Primary_Client]</option> <option value="[@field:Additional_Client]">[@field:Additional_Client]<
  5. Hi @kpcollier I've created a solution for this and provided it to your post below Regards, TsiBiRu
  6. Hi @kpcollier If what you want is to create a dropdown which contains values from your two fields, the I can suggest that you create your own custom drop-down, and use the value of your fields for both the display and stored value. <select id='dropID'> <option value="[@field:FieldName]">[@field:FieldName]</option> <option value="[@field:FieldName]">[@field:FieldName]</option> </select> I hope this helps, Regards, TsiBiRu
  7. Hi @bbeshlian, The code below does not hide the submit button, but it will prevent the user from submitting the form until the entered value is valid. For this solution to work, the value of the Virtual 2 (Which is a calculated field ) should be positive So basically, the code below will get the value of 'Virtual2' field and if the value is negative it will prevent the form from being submitted until the value of this field is a positive number. <script> document.querySelector('#caspioform').onsubmit = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var balanc
  8. Hi @DaveC2019, So that we can assist you better with this, kindly provide as an exported copy of your DataPage so that we can formulate the validation directly to it. Please export it with its dependencies If your ables contains sensitive information then you can just export your table without Data, to reach the interface below you will need to click the 'Add' button first. Kind regards, TsiBiRu
  9. Hi @bbeshlian, Can you point me to the forum post where I've provided this code, please? And you can also provide us the direct URL of the DataPage that you are currently working so that we can make the necessary adjustment to make the code work. I'm guessing that we just need to update the this line 'var amount = document.getElementsByName('Virtual2')[Invalid].value;' Regards, TsiBiRu
  10. Hi @PackDaddy, I've created a sample Datapage with your workflow so that you can download and import it to your account so that you can see how it works. Please see the attached file Earth Moon MARS What I did are the following: 1. I've created virtual fields to allow the user to enter the weight of each the objects, and allow them to select the Space Object (Earth, Moon, Mars) 2. Then I've created an HTML block to display the message 3. After that, I've added the fields from my table that will get its value from the user input.
  11. Hi @bbeshlian, I'm happy to know that I was able to help you with this one. Regards, TsiBiRu
  12. Hi @bbeshlian, I was able to create validation without using JavaScript, what I did is the following: 1. I've created a virtual field and use the SQL statement below to compare the dates ( installment payment date (Date1) and effective date (Date2) ) to determine if it is valid or not. 2. I've hidden that virtual field using the method in this article CASE WHEN [@field:Date1] < [@field:Date2]THEN 'Invalid' ELSE 'Valid' END 3. Then I've inserted an HTML block to display the error Message, and added it to section two. 4. Then I've created a rule that will on
  13. Hi @bbeshlian, That is good to know. Regards, TsiBiRu
  14. FHi @bbeshlian, If you want to set a default value to your number/currency field you can achieve this using two options. 1. Is setting/assigning the default value in your Datapage(Usually Submission Form), go to the Advanced Tab of your field then click on 'On load' and try to make it like the one below. 2. The other option is via Trigger action. For more details about this kindly check this Article I hope this helps. Regards, TsiBiRu
  15. Hi @DaveC2019, Just follow the steps that I've provided in my previous comment, especially adding a virtual field where we will use an SQL statement to check if the inputted receiver name is in your table. And just update the 'cbParamVirtual1' in the code below accordingly <script type="text/javascript"> // This function will run if the value in our Virtual1 is change document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual1')[0].onchange = function() {myFunction()}; function myFunction() { // This code will get the value of Virtual1 var test = document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirt
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