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  1. You absolutely nailed it!!! It seems so simple now that I actually see it. I will hang on to this code and example since I'm sure I can find other uses for it going forward. And also adapt it to some other scenarios too. Again, thanks so much for the fast solution.
  2. I have a submission form that I need to not allow users from submitting the form with an date that is prior to the current month. Also I only want to block this on or after the 5th of each month. So for example if it is 06/02/2021, they can submit the form with a prior date. But if it is 06/05/2021 or after for example, then they can only submit the form with a date of 06/01/2021 or after. I am already using multiple rules to display other messages and block the Submit button but I think I am at the point where some rules are conflicting with others. So I thought some Java script might be able to handle this better. I am a copy and paste type of java script person so I very much appreciate anyone's talent that can provide code to do this. I'm fairly good at tweaking the code once the main functionality is there.
  3. This is perfect!!!! Thank you so much. I knew it was probably easier that I thought.
  4. I'm doing a looking up to an employee table by last name and then the user will select the correct employee. I am grabbing the employee number along with some other fields in cascading text fields but I don't want to display the employee number on the screen but I do need to save it to the table when the form is submitted. Hopefully it's easy to do and I'm just not seeing how. Even just masking it on the screen would work if it can't be hidden. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.
  5. Thanks for the info @Meekeee I'll check into that option as well.
  6. @lengleng Thanks for the reply. Basically have them pick a file locally from their system and then import into one table. Basically do the same process as if I were importing from the Tools menu.
  7. Is it possible to give users a Datapage that they can pick a file and then import into a table? The situation I have is that I have a basic datapage that will be used to record volunteer hours. But also we will have some HR managers adding bulk hours to a spreadsheet template that will then be imported into the same table. I know if I have them drop the file on our internal network, I can build a process to FTP it to Caspio and have a Scheduled Task do the import. I actually do that for some other processes. But for this scenario , they are wanting to live in one form area where they can do the manual entry or a mass import via a nice interface without have to remember the local file path to drop the spreadsheet into. I have a datapage that will upload the file to the Caspio Data Stor but then I can't automate anything from there. Unless I'm missing how to do that. Any thoughts or idea's are greatly appreciated. Or maybe someone has come up with a slick way to use the Tools Import feature in a data page.
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    Just saw the same question from IvanV. I'm assuming this is the only solution?
  9. jimarch


    I use the Autocomplete quite a bit to look up employee names from an Employee Master Caspio table. But I've noticed that it will only return 10 options. I am using it with the "contains" option. Is this a limitation or is there a setting somewhere that can be configured to return all matches?
  10. I'm needing to create drop down or radio button section that will allow the user to "rank" their choices. I have 4 locations and want them the to rank their preference to that location by selection 1 - 4. But I only want unique answers to each one. So if they rank one as number 1, then I don't want number 1 to be an option for the remaining 3 choices and so on. I've tried several ways but can't get it to work correctly and wasn't able to find any other posts that described this. Any suggestions on if and how it can be down are greatly appreciated.
  11. Yes, this is exactly what I was needing!!!
  12. I have read in the forum that you can use Filestor to save images that can then be used to replace the standard form buttons with an image button. But I haven't been able to find what the URL is supposed to be to pull that image into the Style. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.
  13. Awesome!! Thanks for the replies. I've been on Vacation and just got back into the office so I will have take a closer look and test these out. I was really hoping there was a way to handle this. Thanks, Jim
  14. I'm using SSO for each of my Apps. So I have an Authentication for each that uses it's own table of users for that App. We just had to change our SSO cert which meant I had to upload the new cert into each. So that made me wonder if there is a way to have one SSO Authentication and table that would have all of the users in it for all Apps but then a separate field with the app name that they have access to. I would need to have multiple Apps allowed for some users. Maybe this is something that is already available and I just don't know about it. Or maybe someone has figured out a way to handle it. The end result would be one master SSO user table that would only require update the cert in it the next time I have to do that. And would give a centralized user database which would be easier to maintain. I appreciate everyone's thoughts.
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