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  1. I would love to help if you could elaborate your workflow, @Scott
  2. Hi @Batchini, Unfortunately, you can not use File DataType inside triggers. If your files isn't sensitive, you can just enable FileStor, and save your files there. So this would be the process: First: You need to get the link for your FileStor Folder. https://eucdn.caspio.com/XXXXXXXX/folder_name/ where XXXXXXXX is your unique CDN account ID. You can follow this link to get the unique CDN account ID: Next is to create a formula field inside your Tables with this syntax: 'https://eucdn.caspio.com/XXXXXXXX/folder_name/' + CAST([@field:Attachment] as NVARCHAR(max)) Wherein you're going to concatenate the Filestor folder link to the name of the file uploaded. Once all these is done, you can use this formula field to the trigger. It's like passing the link of the file instead of the actual file. And by the way, this method will lessen Data Transfer and avoid you to have duplicate files. Final reminder, Filestor are only available in some plans. I hope this helps. Glitchin'
  3. Hi @philippe, You can use Javascript for this. First, you need to pass the parameter from the search form. Then inside your Results Page, add a Header and Footer. Put this code inside your footer (make sure to disable HTML Editor) <script> // Replace Value to Parameter name var passID = '[@Name]'; // Replace Value to the Field Name of Event ID inside table var this_field= 'Name'; var insert_field = document.querySelector('form[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InlineAdd' + this_field); insert_field.value = passID; </script> Just a little something I learned from this post: Thanks Mahfriend Sample Page: https://c0acd927.caspio.com/dp/e6cb6000e2c14d25606f4cd1ae1b I hope this helps. Glitch.
  4. Hi there, Are you doing this formula using a Calculated Field? I think you need to convert the Virtual field first as a character. I tried this on my end and the formula worked! '2-' + CAST([@cbParamVirtual1] as VARCHAR) I hope this helps. Glitchin'
  5. Maybe this will help? BEST PRACTICES IN CREATING APPLICATIONS. Also, one big factor that makes the DataPages slow is if you have many calculated fields. (Base on my experience) Glitch
  6. Hi @joneslovescaspio, As mentioned on the Article, we have Action Limitations on our Rules. Action Limitations Note that only standard editable fields may be used in Actions, and the following cannot be used: Required fields Display Only fields Calculated Value fields Section with Required fields The same field or section already used in another Action Calculated Fields, CAPTCHA, and Distance Search fields HTML Blocks Hidden or smart fields (Timestamp, AutoValue, ViewIncrement) Static action on Password fields Secondary field used in multiple search criteria (such as in Date Range) That being said, you should make the Form Element to "Text Field" so that you can use this on the rules. We have two workarounds on how to make the fields non-editable. 1.) CSS : You can use the 'pointer-events: none' CSS. For example, you don't want all the text fields to be edited. You can use this CSS code: <style> input[class*="cbFormTextField"]{ pointer-events: none; } </style> If you want to be specific on the fields, you can change them to <style> input[id*="EditRecordFirstName"]{ pointer-events: none; } </style> This, however, if a user clicks on Tab, the field may be editable. Another option is to create using JavaScript. This is the simplest I can create (I'm not an expert on this, but I'll try anyway) <script> document.getElementById("INSERT ELEMENT ID").readOnly= true; </script> Just need to insert the ID of the Text boxes that needs to be non-editable. Anyone else who can suggest to improve the JS? Since, on this JS, you should need to declare all the fields that needs to be non editable. Hehe. That's the easiest way I know, but it's working. I hope this helps. Glitch
  7. You can try out this Trigger I created. If I''m not mistaken, you are trying to send an email upon update perhaps? Once updated, the system will send out an email depending on the checkbox changed. So I created this trigger, and the idea is to combine two tables, the INSERTED table, and the SELF table. This is to compare Previous Values and the NEWLY Updated Values. Now if you look at the SELECT Statement inside the trigger, I created an Inner join. Inside my WHERE Clause, I put in the conditions: 1) IF Checkbox1 is not equal to INSERTED Checkbox 1, - which is an indication that the field has been updated. AND 2) IF the previous Checkbox1 is equal to FALSE. - this indicates that the checkbox was previously false, and if the 1st condition is true, only means that the checkbox has been changed to TRUE. Additional Note: You can also use the condition if #inserted checkbox is true. (Either would work just the same) This way, you can ensure that when the other checkbox is checked, it will not satisfy the 1st Send Email action, since the 1st checkbox is not updated on the process of updating the other checkbox. More about trigger on this link: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ Hope this helps. Glitch
  8. These are the frequently used Date Formats. Might help: 101 mm/dd/yyyy 102 yyyy.mm.dd 103 dd/mm/yyyy 104 dd.mm.yyyy 105 dd-mm-yyyy 108/114 To get the time 110 mm-dd-yyyy 111 yyyy/mm/dd 112 yyyymmdd 126 yyyy-mm-dd
  9. Technically speaking, in order to create a Unique Formula Field inside your table, one of the fields inside the Formula field SHOULD be unique. Otherwise, possible chances are - there could have been duplicates for the value. If you want to create a relationship from one table to another, I suggest that you use the unique field instead. I hope this helps.
  10. Caspio Bridge can import data files in the following formats: Microsoft Access files (.mdb and .accdb, all tables data types and relationships) Microsoft Excel files (every worksheet) CSV (Comma Separated Values) Tab Delimited text Fixed Width text Caspio Bridge XML (every setting) Custom XML Please check out this article, you might be missing something important. https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/
  11. You can refer to this link whenever you want to CAST or CONVERT fields to other DataTypes: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/ Check under MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS.
  12. Let me just update the Video tutorials mentioned in the first comment. Here's the new link: https://howto.caspio.com/pre-recorded-live-training/
  13. Glitch


    Hi, Have you checked this article yet? Activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that incur data transfer include: 1. Running Scheduled Tasks : interactive/on-demand 2. Enabling CDN FileStor (count one time to move to CDN) 3. Some activities associated with Preview of DataPages. 4. Preview Submission Form and you submit data and files. 5. Preview Search and Report DataPage and you Search. When you get results with many rows and images, sorting and paging, and click to details and go back to results. Activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that don't incur data transfer include: 1. Creating and accessing objects 2. Import of apps/tables/DataPages 3. Export of objects 4. Upload and Download of files 5. Preview of Submission form without lookup dropdowns 6. Preview of Report DataPage, direct to results (or details) that does not display images nor paging activities Activities outside of the Caspio Bridge that incur data transfer. These activities include: 1. Plugin 2. Zapier 3. API 4. All end-user activities of deployed DataPages including direct URLs. Hope this answers your question, @telly telly tabies.
  14. Yes, to achieve this, you only need to enable Referential Integtrity and Cascade Update/Delete. CASCADE UPDATE AND DELETE For relationships in which referential integrity is enforced, you can enable cascade-update and cascade-delete options. When enabled, deleting a parent record or changing its ID value causes related child records to also get deleted or updated respectively in order to preserve referential integrity. You can check this link.
  15. Hi @matstein, You can consider automatic emails as well, but this will not indicate what field was changed, and what it was changed to. You are correct that this workflow should use a triggered action. I have set up an easy Triggered action on how to achieve this. FIRST, the trigger should run on UPDATE. NEXT is to join the INSERTED table with the OWN Table. This way, we can retrieve both updated value and the previous value. Here's a screen shot of how the Trigger should be set up. (My screen shot looks funny) I hope this helps. I also have attached the table, in case you want to test it for yourself SendEmail_2019-May-02_1717.zip To use SELECT along with the Send Email, just click the Gear button on its right. Regards. Glitchhhhh
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